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Holy sh!t I just bought a custom Jazzmaster


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I dig it. I just might go this route since I want a JM. Just the finish for me. I'll relic it myself thank your very much. I like having the freedom to get your own pups; you'll have to let us know how the Lollars work out.

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Ok, ok. I hope this pleases the clamoring masses :lol:
The pics do not accurately represent the color of this guitar, which is Sea Foam green. It comes off looking blue, but in real life the color is pretty accurate to the original 60's Fender Sea Foam I've seen.

I had all top-notch parts put on this guitar. All the hardware is AVRI Fender, with the exception of the bridge, which is Mastery. I also had a bone nut cut for the neck. The guitar was pieced together by SF Guitar works here in San Francisco. They do great work.

The body needed a little routing to accommodate the neck (pocket was a tad narrow and shallow, which is a good thing considering you don't want it to be to large), but otherwise everything fit together great.

My MJ Tele experience was great overall. Took about 5 weeks from ordering to get the neck and body. Paint job was very clean (no distressing). It is a pretty thin nitro finish, so the relicing process is happening naturally and pretty fast. This is fine with me. The body is a nice light 2 piece ash from Wildwood. It is cut according to late 50's specs, as is apparent by the routing.

As for MJ Tele, I'd definitely recommend ordering from them. It's a father and son team, they have great communication and customer service, and the paint job was nice (though admittedly I'm no expert in this, and some might have been able to find flaws). I'll qualify all this by saying that building a guitar piecemeal is expensive. I could have picked up an AVRI for far less, but this way I got to choose every option and detail, and it was worth it.


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