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UK / Euro Weekly spam thread 2-14-11

Phil O'Keefe

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Marshall 9200 100/100 Power Amp



Squier Jagmaster and '92 Fender American Telecaster


^Looks like the Jagmaster is accounted for, I am now including the original Fender hardcase with the Telecaster.


Anyone have a Boss BF-2, SD-2 or FV500? PM me and I shall buy :D


Any questions PM me :]

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Maybe it's homemade, maybe it's one of those shop bought ones, tis ok. I need a large pedalboard, preferably one that can take a bit of punishment. It's gotta be able to take 9 pedals or so comfortably, including a fat ol' DL-4 with some space leftover.

I'm asking here cos I won't pay the ridiculous money for a new one and I lack the skill to make one. So hit me up with what you got and dimensions (Y)

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Strat now sold.


1970's Orange Reverb Twin


1975 to be exact

50 watt 2x12

Celestion G12H "blackbacks" (both original to the amp, one has been professionally reconed)

EL34 power section

Valve driven reverb and tremolo

Comes with non-original footswitch

Very good condition for age.

Serviced last year (a couple of resistors and a diode needed replaced)

Comes with custom made Silverstone amp cover.


I'm selling it because it's too loud for me. As with most vintage amps it sounds its best when you crank it a bit, and 95% of the time I can't, so it's sitting there and not getting much use. If you buy this amp, I'd probably recommend getting musicians earplugs as well.


It's VERY heavy (45kg), so unless you want to arrange your own courier at your own risk it's collection only. These Orange Reverb Twins are exceptionally rare amps (I've never seen another 50watt version 2) and I don't want to risk damage.

Price is

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Phonic Helix 18 Firewire Mixing Board/Interface


Basically an 18 channel desk (8 mic pres) with FX and a firewire connection that allows each track to appear simultaneously in your multitrack software. The universal boards they make are cheaper versions and only allow you to record the group tracks, not every single one.

This is also the MKI desk. The MKII lays some of the aux bus controls out differently and allows you to change the firewire send to post/pre fader and EQ - on this desk it is pre fader and EQ. That's what you'd use for recording anyway.








This is my band's desk, has been in a gator case (not included) in our jam room for a while and performed flawlessly. I'm only selling to upgrade to the 24 channel version. The Firewire on it is rock solid - excellent drivers, noone ever reports problems with these.


Comes with the original box and manual but not the rack case in the picture. One of the covers over a solo switch on one channel is missing but the switch still works fine.


New these are

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