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Show me your Skreddy pedlolz.


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I'll take a D*A*M group photo and make a thread "Show me your D*A*M pedlolz"


:lol: Please feel free to do so -- but I don't know how many D.A.M. pedal users we have here. I suspect it's fewer than the Skreddy users. I'm sure you'll get lots of appreciative viewers, but I don't know how many will join you in posting. But what the heck -- please give it a try and let's find out! :)

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That's extremely cool, and please don't take this the wrong way but... aren't those knobs a little hard to adjust now with the new ones that close to the two outer original ones?

Regardless -- that looks really good. Nice work!


They are the same distance apart as the original knobs, and much easier to adjust than they were before I did the mod.

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