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I know,,,,,,,wrong forum. But this is the best forum on the site.

Anyone use this?

I know it works for a group of vocal tracks, lead and BG's, when sending 8 to 16 tracks to Melodyne and then back to the host. (although i hear the sound quality is not as good as Waves or Auto Tune despite how Melodyne hypes itself as being Uber-Fantastique)



The fact that it's not a plugin and a multi track DAW now is so :freak:


I hear the polyphonic mode sounds horrible.


what say you?


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I used to use the older, cut-down version (Melodyne cre8) and it was very impressive - even though that version was limited to 16bit export and was a standalone piece of software.


The more recent versions can be run as plugins within your DAW of choice (or there is still the entry level plugin version), so that will help work flow immensely.

I haven't used any of the most recent versions with the polyphonic capability, so can't comment on that.


Melodyne (and other similar software) is not really comparable to Auto-tune; they have a different approach to pitch correction - Melodyne can do things that Auto Tune can't, and vice versa.

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The Plug in is 'bridge'

it links the stand alone to the host.

They discontinued the plug in although there is something called editor but when installed its called something else like "one voice"

I agree the older versions were cool.

Just got the new one, full version and it (esp the user manual) hurts my head.

I guess I want to (and probably at some point will) love it but at this point want to beat it with a pipe wrench.

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I've used it a few times to fix some out of pitch vocals, as for quality; it's damn impressive and incredibly powerful.

A singer can be WAAAY off and you can fix that {censored} with melodyne. Timing, pitch, annunciation, all are pretty easy to fix.

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