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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 6-13-11

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First, I have a bunch of Peavey T-60 parts and a couple other things up on eBay, see the link in my sig.


Next, I am selling off a couple of personal instruments of mine, a Taylor Big Baby with soft case, and a vintage 1926 Slingerland/Maybell banjo ukelele, you can see them in my thread (several photos of each) for them here: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2790299-FS-Taylor-Big-Baby-w-soft-case-and-1926-Slingerland-Maybell-banjo-Ukelele



Also, I'm selling sets of six 6-inch patch cables for only $25.00 shipped! I have been selling these for $27.00 shipped for six, but I'm overstocked on standard patch cables with rubber insulation, so a temporary price drop on them until I sell through most or all of the overstock... I have these in stock and ready to ship. These normally sell for $7.99 in my shop, they have a lifetime warranty on them, quality metal plugs with heatshrink all the way down to the cover threads under the plug, and rubber instead of PVC insulation, so they are more flexible. I have been having these made custom for my shop and last time I bought them I got a great deal, so I am selling off some of this batch at two for one, so instead of 6 of these costing $48 bucks, I am selling these for $25.00 shipped in the continental USA for 6. You won't be disappointed in the quality of these patch cables. Here are some photos:






Feel free to check out my feedback on Ebay under my username "cowabungamusic". If you're interested in picking up some of these, feel free to hit me up via PM. Thanks!

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***All prices are shipped Priority Mail in US48***

Paypal or MO


Limited Edition breast cancer awareness Pink Sparkle B:Assmaster

#2 - Dead mint - no velcro - with box and papers - $285




Keeley 2 Knob Compressor

Mint - velcro - with box and manual - $165




Keeley Modded Blues Driver with True Bypass

Kills bad guys with a single chord - excellent condition - velcro - titsandwich - $110




Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

Super excellent condition - with box and papes - sounds like a raped ape (in a good way) - velcro - $75




Gig FX Kilowah

Awesome pedal - like new - with box and papers - $85






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Focusrite Saffire 6 USB - USB audio interface in mint condition. Used only in my dinky home studio setup. Comes with original box, papers, included software and unregistered warranty. I'll also throw in a Livewire DI box. Basically all you need to get started recording with a computer setup (just add a quality pair of monitoring headphones). - $109.99 shipped/paypal.


Price is shipped to the continental U.S. Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico pay the difference. No trades because I'm poor. Thanks! :!!!:

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Ibanez TS-9 modded by me to TS-808 specs plus LED's for the diode clipping and a bigger input cap for increased bass response. Blue indicator LED.




Looking for any drive pedals. Try me!


Willing to sell outright for $70 shipped and PP'd Gift (add 3% for standard Paypal)

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Morley Bad Horsie Wah in great condition - $55 shipped/paypal.


Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive in excellent condition with box and papers - $75 shipped/paypal.


Dano Cool Cat Vibe in excellent condition with box and papers - $35 shipped/paypal.


Behringer VP-1 Vintage Phaser in great condition with box and papers - $15 shipped/paypal.

All pedals have velcro on bottom.

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Rocktron Patchmate Floor 8


it's in great condition. i have two of these but only need one.original power supply is included.


it will also include a custom made cable to power the unit with an AC power supply. i used it with the VOODOO LABS AC. i can only confirm that the VL AC will power it as i have not tried it with others.


$275 shipped with PayPal.







FULLTONE GT500 od/distortion pedal. in great condition. it has velcro on the bottom but i can remove it if you like.


$110 shipped with PayPal.








PEAVEY CLASSIC 50 amp head in great condition. JJ tubes. custom black tolex. no logo. back covers for the tubes are included (not pictured).


$425 + PayPal + shipping









if you are interested in buying,please e-mail me: carr3rd@aol.com

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:wave: Hi. Sorry but unless specified, most of this stuff is for trade only. Wantlist is at the bottom.

reach me at steveyjoey@gmail.com

Paypal accepted.




Boss PS-3 Dig Pitch Shifter/Delay

Boss CE-2 Chorus MIJ green label

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

Boss FZ-2 Hyper fuzz

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

MJM Brit Bender wB - trades only

Catalinbread Merkin - LNwB - trades only

Effector 13/Devi Ever Soda Meiser w/ chaos switch. muff lovers wet dream. Rare - trades only

Lovepedal Magicboy handwired Vibe V1 - trade offers

Digitech Jimi Hendrix experience - LNwB - discontinued wah/fuzz/reverb pedal with purple velvet sack - $170

Line 6 Space Chorus/vibrato - $60 -

Plutoneium Chi Wah-Wah wB - $150

GHS custom roundwound Fender Bass VI set new - Can also be installed on a baritone if you know how to widen the nut. - as marked


I also have FS (Not Pictured)

Boss CS-3 Compressor/sustainer

Dunlop Crybaby original 1990's GCB-95 LNwB - $60

Kyser gold capo - mostly here to seal a deal

NYC Pedalboards Big Shot Pedalboard (Large w/ riser & case) more pics here


***And I have some guitar and bass parts and accessories to offer in this thread:



Want list

Skreddy Echo, Strymon El Capistan, Neunaber Wet reverb, MXR M82 Bass envelope filter, Mellowtone Wolf Computer, Wilson Ten Spot 2 wah, Catalinbread Montavillian,

Univox/Melos Micro Fazer, Moog Freq Box, Dunlop Buddy Guy wah, Voodoo Labs PP2+, Wampler Ego Compressor, Ibanez EM5 Echomachine, EBOW, BYOC OD2 or Envelope Filter (v2) kits,

Thinline Tele body, Deering Goodtime open-back banjo, Peavey Grind Bass (4 or 5 string), Istanbul ride...

Try me if you think you have something I might like.

I'm pretty much set on fuzz..

I like wahs, phasers, envelope filters, sensitive overdrives, echos, accessories etc..


Contact me at - steveyjoey@gmail.com for more pics/info

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Barber Tone Press - Mint w/ box and papers, velcro - $110


Catalinbread Semaphore - horizontal verzion, few paint chips, w/ papers, velcro - $150


A/DA Flanger Reissue - great condition, just few dents around the switch, w/ box - $190


Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde - V2, mint condition, w/ box, papers, stickers - $90


Boss RV-3 - well loved like any old boss pedal, but in good working order - $125


Soul Provider prototype - built by Brian at Subdecay for Tone Factor as a prototype, back sticker is gone, but this is the real deal if you

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Seriously sick pedal...



Opening riff is the swash, and the oscillations at the end are swash. Skip to the end. :snax:


Looking for modulation. I'd LOVE Tremolessence, maybe a Pitch Pirate, Clean Clarinot, Whetstone, POG, or fuzzzzz (SS/BS).


Shoot me offers. This thing is SO insane, I'm just getting to the point where I have TOO MUCH fuzz (but still wanna try other SS/BS fuzz :erm: ). :rant:

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WTTF: Line M9

I have several things I could trade including a...


Dr Scientist Mini Reverberator Raindrop Edition!


Secret Seasons Snowdrift (as new/box/etc)


Cali Quake Tremolo (as new/box/etc)


Couch strap (deer/tan)


Small Clone (never used/box/etc)


Smallsound Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machine in custom one off PINK finish!


Let me know via PM ya'll. Lots of referencez and can do cash/trade deal.

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i built a few of these to give away to bandmates but now they'll be used to help alleviate some mounting vet bills that a good friend is now facing, itll put a small chip in a big rock but whatever helps. This is the 5kvnqwork5 Shepards Prayer, which is nothing more than a squashed meathead circuit shoved inside a 1590a and renamed. $99 plus $6 shipping and paypal in the lower 48.

sn0001 available

sn0002 available

sn0003 available



wasn't it Malekko that put like fake rubber bugs in their pedals?


It would be sweet to rig something up where when one opens up a pedal, it ignites a fuse that sets off a small, harmless fire cracker.:poke::facepalm:

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$120 pay pal'd and shipped. To the 48 connected states. Pm about international shipping.


Pigtronix disnortion three in one pedal: fuzz, od, & octave. orginal power supply, Box,and manual






Boss rc-20xl loop station: $170 pay pal'd and shipped.


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I have a mint Keeley Dl-4 that I really need to sell.


My bike (aka my car) was stolen a few days ago and I need to get it replaced asap.


275$ Shipped to the CONUS.


I really don't want to let this go, but I need the money bad. Please someone take this off my hands so I can stop taking the bus to work!


pics upon request.

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Hi. First is a BadMonkey. Works perfect, looks perfect, just don't use it. $30 Paypal'd and shipped



I have a couple project pedals for some lucky people out there! :) First is a Creamy Dreamer Modded Russian Big Muff. Also put in a power adaptor for a 9 volt plug. It needs a new volume pot and a tune up. By tune up I mean I don't know if anything else is up with it because I can't test it! Before I took it apart to refinish it it was working. I pulled the pin out of the volume pot when I disassembled it. Doh! All parts and knobs are there except the actual volume pot. I refinished the enclosure and renamed it the "Muffin Top". I bought it neww in 99'. $65 Paypal'd and Shipped




I also have a Ibanez Phase Modulator that works fine except the LED is temperamental. Guessing something is just lose because when I shake it is works again.

$25 Paypal'd and Shipped


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