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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 8-1-11

Phil O'Keefe

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Boss PN-2 Trem/Pan - 120

Guyatone WR-3 Wah Rocker - 45

Danelectro Cool-cat Fuzz v1 - 30

Ernie Ball Volume pedal - 65

Shure SM-81 SDC with box and windscreen - 200

Digitech Bad Monkey - 30

Digitech Death Metal - 25

Vox v847 wah (hole drilled in the plate for 9v adapter) - 55

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ZVEX BOX OF ROCK HAND PAINTED: $225 or trade of analogman chorus or comp, ringtone, oohwah, wah probe, retrosonic chorus, way huge mule, skreddy, boss analog delays, pitch shifters.




LINE 6 DL4: Great Condition....I'll trade it or sell...I'd rather trade.



dano fish n chips

boss HM-2

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Rogue mandolin. Needs new strings but is otherwise flawless. $50




MXR Micro Amp perfect condition (velcro on back) $60


MXR Dyna Comp perfect condition $50


Ibanez SM7 Overdrive (tubescreamer, basically) $35


Behringer CS100 Compressor/Sustainer like new $25


Boss MT-2 Metal Zone like new $40


(2) Custom Bypass Looper w/Feedback loop. Built by forumite outxthexeyes, these are great to run a bypass loop for tone sucking effects, or engage the feedback switch for some crazy intense noise sessions. $50 each.



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MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion - like new, not even a month old. with box etc. - $65



Monsterpiece NPN - bought it new off Duderanimous about a year go. Couple small paint chips but in good condition overall - $80



MXR autoQ auto wah. with box - $40 - SOLD



Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD SHOD HANDWIRED version, with box and papers - $200

mp-sho.jpg (not my pic)


price excluding shipping. I'm in CANADA throw me some offers/trades

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SUF Special Modded Triangle



Only two exist AFAIK.

It's one of the best triangle muff out there. Loud, smooth and quiet.


140USD shipped


I'm Interested in trade. Just give me a PM.

Especially looking for Midfi Demo Tape, EQD Fix'd, and DLS MKII.

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Forcing myself to downsize, so...

:: Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Delay - SOLD

:: ToneFactor Sugar Baby Tremolo - SOLD

:: ToneFactor Huck Hybrid Germanium/Silicon Fuzz - $85

:: ToneFactor 75 Special Dirty Boost - $85 (modded so that the outside knob is volume; trim inside controls gain)

All prices include shipping & paypal to the 48 contig. US states.

I'll consider partial or outright trades for a medium-to-large pedalboard but it has to have a hard case (or be self-contained like an NYC Pedalboard). By medium-to-large, I'm thinking that a PT2 is probably too small.


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FS/FT Electro Harmonix Switchblade.(just one)

Can tell you the date of the pots(Bought a 'Silencer' at the same time,1377630/).

This thing is a virgin. I have not checked this one (own another) if working.

I can do both (Open & Sound check) IF DESIRED. Comes with original instructions


Looking for a good expression pedal.

Offers considered, Pay-pal.



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4 Marshall style knobs in new, unused condition. Bought them from Antique Electronic Supply ($2.25 each, $12.95 shipped total) and decided to not use them. Quality knobs- nice weight.


Knob - Black with Silver Caps, Set Screw, "Jubilee" Style

Black with silver cap. 1/4" shaft with set screw. Replacement for Marshall. Silver Top Diameter = 0.595" Website: http://www.tubesandmore.com/


$6.50 shipped



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The pink switch right next to the M9 is a "preset switch," but it has two modes. You can either go with a momentary preset option, or a set preset option. It's passive so you don't need power.


The way I use it is with delay. I will leave the digital delay on, and have my 2nd preset set at a super fast delay time with max feedback. Then i'll be playing something and hit that switch to get those fast glitchy aphex twin sounds.


In this video I'm running a simple drum loop into a bit crusher and then using the delay. And randomly pressing the momentary mode to glitch it up.


Super simple function, but opens up SOOOO many possibilities. Using the M9 in buffer (trails mode), I can use the swell delay and get some freeze sounds. Just play a note, and press the preset switch (non momentary (top switch)), and then kill the effect, and you can get those smooth drones that go on and on.


Looking for $315 shipped.

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Mint Tim V2

I just got this in a trade with a friend of mine (and fellow TGP'er). He just got it from Paul C. a few months ago and bought two at the time. He kept this one in its box for just such a trade/sale opportunity as the one I offered him (a loaded 2x12).

$260 Shipped to the lower 48






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For sale.


Price includes shipping anywhere and paypal, I send stuff using EMS, trackable and fast, takes 1 week to USA, 3 days elsewhere.


-Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF humbucker, DP-103. With cover. Pickup is like new, I changed my mind and didn't use it. It has a 3dpt switch (professionally) wired for out of phase, if you don't need it you can just remove it. Includes box and mounting ring.







-Seymour Duncan Sjag-1 neck pickup for Fender Jaguar. Again, I used something else so it's unused.







- Rolleicord Va -TLR 6x6 camera. If you are interested I guess you are familiar with these cameras. This one was bought in March, and I just don't have the time to use it. It had CLA by the seller and speeds and shutter seem to work fine, I have shot a few rolls and the pictures became on a good exposure. It does have a bit of stiffness on the winding lever and you may have to check that with a professional, hence the price. Includes original case and a few 120mm rolls.


US$100 You have more pictures in this Picasa album here. https://picasaweb.google.com/hiorgos/Rolleicord?authuser=0&feat=directlink





-Sekonic L-208 light meter. Bought new in March, with box and bag, perfect working condition.







Let me know if you have any questions.


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Back after quite the hiatus...

Practically new M9 (sorry, girlfriend threw the box away)...$260

Hot Rod Deluxe LE (has V30, fiesta red tolex)...$300


everything is pp'd/shipped


ALSO now available, Bill Nash 52 tele...make an offer!



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This is a ONE OWNER RG-550WH guitar in the original case, serial number dates it to 1990 in all original condition!



get your SHRED ON and rawk with this BOBBY D APPROVED guitar! EX+++ condition late 80s/early 90s Ibanez RG-550s are pretty rare these days -- most have been heavily played or modded. This one is in amazing original condition!


I took it in trade from a friend of mine who bought this new in 1991, played it for a short time, then put it away.


The white finish has slightly faded to a darker cream color -- there is NO damage to the finish, and not even any neck cracks in the finish, which is really rare. Only a tiny bit of slight finish wear on the back below the trem cover, and a few very small paint chips on the bottom edge of the body, where it was probably placed in a stand.


All the hardware is minty fresh - no rust on the screws, the original Edge trem is super clean with no wear or damage to the finish, pickups and electronics are 100% original.


Neck is in fantastic condition, no dings or cracks anywhere, original Gotoh tuners, frets are 95% like new, still shiny and beautiful, neck finish is very clean, with only MINOR darkening of the finish on the fretboard from playing. Headstock finish is perfect, no dings on headstock, and none of the usual cracks by the Floyd nut screws.


This guitar is one of the best playing and sounding RG-550s I have ever seen. I owned a couple of these in 87/88, then switched over to JEMs and played the JEM guitars for years well into the mid 90s.


I am really tempted to put some Dimarzio pickups in this guitar and ROCK IT at my gigs and play the heck out of it. There are very few "superstrat" guitars of this quality available under a grand ANYWHERE anymore.


The RG-550WH is a fairly rare color compared to the others, and the condition of this guitar makes it exceptional.


The price is $649 shipped and paypalled in the USA -- with shipping and paypal fees, that means I am going to clear about $590 at best.


Yes, this is a LITTLE more expensive than the bulk of early era RG550 guitars that sell at $500 or so.....but I have only seen a handful around that are THIS CLEAN and original. As much of a JEM snob as I am, this RG-550 has opened my eyes to just how good these early MIJ Ibanez models truly were -- and the RG-550 is the closest guitar to a JEM I have ever played. The maple neck is just exceptional, a tad bit thinner than the JEM 777, but I really like it -- even more than I liked my first RG-550s back in 87/88.



If you are seeking what could possibly one of the cleanest, most original, and fine playing and sounding RG-550WH guitars available for sale, PM me -- paypal is best, and I will also ship it INTERNATIONALLY, with shipping costs to be determined depending on what country you are in, usually about $125 on average.
























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I know I am going to regret this but I am gassing really hard for another guitar so here comes the sale.


Strymon El Capistan w/ favorite switch, power supply, and original boxes...sold


Tonk Monk Phoenix (this thing is awesome!).....sold


Fulltone '70 BC-108......$110



All prices are shipped and paypal (as always gift option is preferred but not necessary)


I'll get a pic of the '70 as soon as I can





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All prices shipped ConUS, usps money order or paypal. As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in an NKT-213 loaded buzzaround.


Black Russian Muff with box and warranty card. $95 shipped.


Boss BF-2. MIJ. Has the Wampler/Indyguitarist mods. $95 shipped.


Deluxe Memory Man. Vintage model (1978 or thereabouts if I remember correctly), with MN3005 and attached power cord(replaced before I got it with a new cord). Pretty scratched up but that's expected. Sounds awesome possum, lo-fi or no-fi. $375 shipped.


MXR Bud Box Phase 90. Excellent shape, considering it's age. Was recently sent to FMO to have an opamp replaced. This one has a pretty large volume drop, FMO said it could be modded it but I figured I'd leave that up to the new owner to decide. $225 shipped.


Boss CS-1. MIJ. Great shape, sounds excellent. $95 shipped.


Paul C Tim. Original hand wired model. Excellent pedal, just don't use it enough. Velcro on bottom. $285 shipped.


Zvex Box of Metal. Comes with box and goodies. Some scratches, nothing major. $135 shipped.


Basic Audio Futureman. Probably the best overdrive I've tried, seriously. Excellent shape. I don't really use it though and I wanted to try one out. $130 shipped.


Lovepedal Kalamazoo. Comes with box and paper. Has some light scratching on the mirrored finish. Great mild booster/overdrive. $180 shipped.


Deluxe Memory Man XO. Only selling because I got a DMM TT. Comes with box and power supply. Has some light scratching. I've slowly been dwindling my collection of DMMs, I don't need so many of them. $225 shipped.










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