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*YOUR* list of the top-ten fuzz pedals of all time

Phil O'Keefe

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OK, I'm breaking my Twosome in two:


1. Blackout Effectors Musket--Set as a Buzzaround but can do pretty much anything--amazingly articulate but cuts like crazy, can be huge or tight, just awesome.

2. BE Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe--I've got it set somewhere between a MKII and Supa Fuzz--not that there's much daylight between the two--wonderfully rich and, again, articulate

3. SolidGold FX Sonic Boom-- Custom-built Muff--enormous and ... articulate

4. BE Musket Blunderbuss--Set as a Fuzz Face--like the stock Musket, perfectly tweakable with a nice, raw fuzz

5. DAM Pro MKII--Monstrously rich and chewy; even if it was louder, it might've been to thick to use in ... any capacity, but it's like the triple bock of fuzz.


These two pedals both sound fantastic but I was able to cop 90%-95% of their tone for a fraction of the cost AND with great tone controls and way more output via the Fix'd Fuzz side of my Twosome:

6. Castledine Supa MK I --VERY nice.

7. Skinpimp MKII - -Very nice the more modern setting via toggle was well voiced.


8. Montgomery Appliances Jumbo Bender--This was a little dark but just had such a great, multi-faceted fuzz that didn't overwhelm.

9. Dentone Buzzaround--A really nice iteration of the Buzzaround for CHEAP.

10. SolidGold Agent 13--This is a great pedal, but I use it to implement Maestro Fuzz-Tone-type fuzz; Agent 13 does a great job of it but it's my least favorite kind of fuzz.


Honorable Mention:

11. Monsterpiece NPN: Seems awesome but I needed more time with it.


I've had more luck with fuzz than dirt so there's a lot I haven't bothered to try--Skreddy (I had a Scrwedriver), Creepy Fingers, EQD--but then there's stuff I've tried and didn't like, too, so ... -E

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i own & love :


Analog Fox Tone Scrambler

Wren & Cuff The Caprid

Sovtek Green Muff v7C mk1

Retro Tone Ennio

Boss HM-2

Minotaur Fuzz & Burn

Industrialectric 4046-M

Industrialectric RM-1N

WMD Geiger Counter

Roland AG-5 Funny Cat


+ various OD/distortion pedals (OD-1, MZ-2, Lava Box...)

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I tried a few other fuzz pedals since thie post below. Lately I've been loving the Cock Fight. Incredibly versatile. It would probably bump one of the 5 below to #6. Also, I would replace the EHX Muff Fuzz with the vintage EHX Muff Fuzz Crying Tone treadle. It's the same fuzz circuit, but includes the crying tone wah. Another incredibly versatile pedal.


1. EHX Big Muff Pi (whatever version, Triangle, Ram's Head, OPamp, Deluxe, w/ Tone Wicker, it is still the quintessential fuzz...)

2. ZVEX Fuzz Factory: more than a fuzz, it is truly an "effect"

3. Fender Blender (original, not reissue): if you want chaos and savage noise, this is hard to beat

4. Vox Tonebender (orignal): pure 60s

5. EHX Muff Fuzz or Little Muff Pi (original): an incredibly useable, meat and potatoes fuzz tone, love it in front of wah



I don't know many other fuzzes very well :idk:



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since this thread was started i added an eqd hoof fuzz, keeley monterey and now a idiotbox ron f-- swanson super fuzz, together on the board with a little big muff pi xo a ts-9 and a lpb-1 my biggest dirt section i guess i ever had on my board


still i cannot make list of my 10 best/favorite fuzz boxes, i just can tell what i have and like currently to use and the list is shorter than 10

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