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*YOUR* list of the top-ten fuzz pedals of all time

Phil O'Keefe

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Yeah, ten is kind of limiting, but deal with it! :lol:


Ten spots - fill 'em however you want, and based on whatever criteria you desire. Your personal favorites, the ones you know the names of, the most historically important, the ones with the most knobs and blinking lights and pretty paint jobs, the most obscure, the ones that make the most obnoxious noises.... hey, it's YOUR list; put whatever you want on it. :) But do please take a second to tell us a little about why you picked what you did, or what sort of criteria - if any - you considered when making your selections.


Ready? GO!

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1 - Sovtek Big Muff (green) - Sounds big, fat and dumb...the way I think fuzz should sound. Simple 3 knob layout is a plus.

2 - Earthquaker Devices Hoof - Like an even smoother Sovtek muff. The 4 knob version has some added versatility, but I've only played a 3 knob.

3 - Monsterpiece NPN - Especially good through a cranked tube amp.

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Op-Amp Big Muff - Sounds huge like a room full of hot muff

Russian Big Muff - Sounds smooth yet rough, does boomy chords and leads

Hendrix Systems Octave Fuzz - I ripped off Thurston Moore and just engage for heavy as {censored} leads

Boss FZ-2 - Nasty huge chords

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1 - Big Muff - do I really need to explain why?

2 - Red Witch Fuzz God II - So many great tones for music and fun oscillation and velcro tearing madness.

3 - DOD Classic Fuzz - After the Big Muff this is my one of my favorite fuzz pedals ever made on earth.

4 - MXR Blue Box - Thick fuzz with the option of adding 2 octave-down good times DYMONITE!!!!!

5 - DE Soda Mieser - I always said this fuzz growls.. I never played another fuzz that sounded this mean!

6 - DE Disaster Fuzz - sounds really good and a lot of fun to to take on car rides.

7 - Boss FZ-2 - The heaviest sounding pedal ever made, and then some.

8 - Dano French Toast - So cheap and so much fun to make your guitar scream like a monkey!

9 - ZVEX Fuzz Factory - Endless party time.

10 - Boss OC-3 - yeah yeah it is not a "fuzz" but in DRIVE mode it sure sounds like a damn good octave-down fuzz to me.

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1. EHX Big Muff Pi (whatever version, Triangle, Ram's Head, OPamp, Deluxe, w/ Tone Wicker, it is still the quintessential fuzz...)

2. ZVEX Fuzz Factory: more than a fuzz, it is truly an "effect"

3. Fender Blender (original, not reissue): if you want chaos and savage noise, this is hard to beat

4. Vox Tonebender (orignal): pure 60s

5. EHX Muff Fuzz or Little Muff Pi (original): an incredibly useable, meat and potatoes fuzz tone, love it in front of wah



I don't know many other fuzzes very well :idk:

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1. Big Muff (all versions and clones)

2. Tonebender MKI

3. Maestro FZ-1

4. Univox Squarewave / Basic Audio Squarewave +

5. Fender Blender

6. fOXX Tonemachine

7. PAIA Roctave

8. Jordan Bosstone

9. Rat (white face or '78/'79)

10. D*A*M Meathead (Slomod)

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pretty much this. I've not owned 10 fuzzes. And probably barely tried that many.



At least we are honest here, at some other mainstream effects place people would be posting rare fuzz pedals they just read about in another thread.




Right now I have had a lot of fun with Analogman Astrotone.. has been my only fuzz for a while, and I don't regret much selling the 10ish I had before. Hopefully my one fuzz collection will be a 5-6 units one in a few weeks. And I do notice a trend on liking vintage style fuzz, ala MKI and cousins.

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Having only owned two fuzzes, here's a list based on fuzzes that have cool paint jobs and awesome demos.


1. Green Sovtek Big Muff

2. Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz


^these are the two I've owned :lol::facepalm:


3. Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz

4. Team Awesome Fuzz Machine

5. Lovetone Big Cheese

6. Boss FZ-2

7. Skreddy Lunar Module

8. Fulltone '69

9. Whatever Paul McCartney used on the "Taxman" solo

10. Whatever Claudio Sanchez used on the "Here We Are Juggernaut" intro

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1) Analogman Dark Peppermint Fuzz - I've still got it, soooo... It must be my favorite. Like a thicker, less crazy Fuzz Factory

2) Skreddy Pink Flesh - Best Muff tone I've ever heard.

3) Skreddy Ernie - Gnarlier than the Pink Flesh, I preferred this one for doomy rhythm.

4) Skreddy Lunar Module - Made my jaw drop. The only reason it's not higher on the list is because it's not a Muff.

5) Zvex Fuzz Factory - Most versatile fuzz ever.

6) Fuzzfaceless MkI - RIPS with humbuckers. Best fuzz into a dirty amp I've ever heard.

7) Zvex Woolly Mammoth - DOOOOOOM

8) Euthymia ICBM - Poor man's Mayo.

9) SonicVI Champion Fuzz Unit - Worked very well with a dirty amp.

10) Matamp GT1 - Who needs pedals?

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I've obviously listed ones that I've either owned or played it/borrowed it and can remember exactly what it sounds like.


1) Fingerprint

- I put it at number one spot because of it's usefulness (stacking, amp-friendly, etc) and how it interacts with the geetar.

2) Team Awesome Fuzz Machine

- Theres a lot of great sounds in the one box... what's not to like? + Clean blend on baritone is jizz.

3) 70s Big Muff

- Does it really need explaining? Probably the most famous fuzz of all time for good reason.

4) OG Fuzz Factory

- I've had four and I only liked the one. Stupidly versatile, cleaned up wonderfully and had had a sweet fuzz taper (totally important!).

5) HM2

- See #3... I had discovered it before internet-land and thought it was a cheap Muff alternative. EHX was like gold here till the 'Bay.

6) Foxey Lady

- Different to a Muff in that you can actually use one live. Ha, only kidding. It is a 'Muff variant' and a welcome change from my usual suspects.

7) Tonebender MK1.5

- Sustain, interactive quality of the feedback and transforms when placed before a boost. It's a pedal that needs to be played as loud as possible IMO, YMMV, etc.

8) Sovtek Green Muff

- Again pretty standard for most. I however used it on acoustic more than anything and will get another one soon enough :thu:

9) Fuzzrong

- I've only borrowed one (pretty recently too) however I dug it instantly. Does the blues thing in spades although the owner is/was using it for doom/sludge :lol:

10) Foxx Tone Machine

- It was either a Sunface/Fuzz Face or the Tone Machine. Unfortunately for the Sunface it doesn't pick up radio signals so it lost out :lol:

...and also everyone needs an octave fuzz in their life!

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Catalinbread V8 was very cool indeed. Just the right amount of massive modern fuzz and self-oscillation.


Wish they release it again, in a regular sized box, with an expression pedal input. Or even better, into a wah enclosure to control the fuzz knob with the rocker :love: :love:


Wish they made custom orders!

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I've only actually had about 20 different fuzzes... and only really liked 4 of them.


1. Skreddy Lunar Module (Deluxe)

2. Skreddy Ernie

3. Skreddy Mayo

4. Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz


And if you count the Mule by Mojo Hand as a fuzz... then that rounds out the top 5.

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Here's 3 I really liked....


Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz

I upgraded a Musket to a twosome and instead of the Musket I was so impressed with I ended up using the Fixed side all the time.


Catalinbread Merkin

Fuzzrite based fuzz, it gets really nasty but it can also get nice and creamy and thick by rolling down your tone knob. This is one of the most interactive Fuzz pedals I have ever played. The way your tone and volume knobs interact with this pedal is amazing.


Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe

Tonebender type fuzz, the bias knob makes this pedal extremely versatile. It can get you some nice sputtering goodness...

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I don't think I've played 10 Fuzz pedals, but here are the ones I liked:


1. Blackout Effectors Musket v.2

2. Catalinbread V8 Fuzz

3. EHX Little Big Muff


Didn't care for the FZ-5, Metal Muff, or the Cool Cat Fuzz.

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