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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 9-6-11

Phil O'Keefe

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Slow market for sellers, and amongst all the trading I somehow ended up with way more effects than I need!!


I'll cover shipping in the Con US, you cover paypal fees if you decide to go that route :thu:





JHS Klone - includes box and paperwork. $220





Fulltone Clyde Deluxe - includes box and paperwork. $175





Fulltone Clyde Standard - includes box and paperwork. $155





Jetter Gain Stage Purple - includes box. $145





Menatone Blue Collar - currently one listed on eBay for $300.. so for mine, how about $200





Pharaoh Fuzz - $125





Mad Professor FGC - includes box and paperwork. $150





Jack Deville All Time High - no longer in production. great booster. $140





Menatone Red Snapper - coveted 3 knob version. sounds crazy good and I will not be heartbroken if it doesn't sell. think they typically go for $400.. so I'll ask $300 in hopes it'll sell before I come to my senses.




Mostly looking to sell, but if you offer me a good trade involving any of the following, I may consider it:


Empress VMSD


Eventide Space

Whiteface Rat (vintage or RI)

Pin-Up Gaspedals Carb

EHX Freeze

Niiice Volume Pedal


**** If inbox is full, please email me! ****

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Selling a bunch of stuff - everything pretty much. It's a bummer, but I don't own an amp anymore and my family needs money so my loss and devastation is your gain and self-indulgent jagoff session : ) Prices are right where I want them, but if you make multiple purchases or send me an actual message of inquiry, I'm willing to work with you. For all intents and purposes, these pedals are brand new, as I haven't owned an amp in months so they've all sat inside of my locked pedal board, having never been gigged or moved. We're really broke and my parents might lose their house. Pretty sucky situation. Single pedals will ship for $6 and 2/more ship for $12.

LINE 6 DL-4 - Bought it off the original owner, who is a close friend of mine and took exceptionally great care of it. I guess this is the version with better switches. I don't know what that means, it's just what I was told. It comes in the box, but not a power supply because I need it for my FM-4. You can get 1-spot adapters for like $1, though. I'm looking to get what I paid for it, and I'll pay to ship it. $190 to the lower 48.


OOHLALA TRULY BEAUTIFUL DISASTER I don't know what version it is, but I'm the original owner. I'll try and find the sleeve thing it came in for you if you buy it. It's absolutely flawless in both appearance and performance. I'll miss this one a lot. $200.


DEVI EVER SHOEGAZER - My girfriend just bought this for me as a birthday gift in April and it's barely been used. Comes with box. $170


AKAI HEADRUSH E2 - I don't even wanna talk about how devastating this is. Best looper ever, hands down. FLAWLESS condition, comes in box, etc. $165.


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All prices include Paypal and Priority Shipping, I ship the next business day after payment is received....


Boss Keeley BD-2 $110

Neunaber WET $old

Tech 21 Blonde $old




MIM Telecaster pickups, bridge plate and saddles $50 shipped and paypal'd



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I have these available in s, m, l, xl and 2x in black or white. $15 a piece $5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and $14 international.
I also have one of these that is B stock. A vintage Spec Signature Q-Wah. Will let it go for $165 plus shipping which is $12 in the U.S. and $45 abroad. Pedal is brand new with warranty.

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Mint condition Plexi-Tube pedal. No Velcro. I used this exclusively at home for practice. Got all the candy. $210 paypalled and shipped.






Also, Danelectro Dan-Echo. Mid 90's. Got some wear on it. Cosmetically 6/10. No Velcro. The battery connection is broken, but it works fine with a power adapter. $20 paypalled and shipped.




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Tried a rack setup, decided it wasn't for me, moving back to my pedalboard. All prices are OBO.


  • Korg DTR-1000 - great shape, minor scratches on top (not visible when mounted) - $140 shipped

  • TC Electronic G-Sharp - great shape except for a small scratch on the face, wear on knobs, very versatile unit, includes G-Switch and padded case - $140 shipped

  • ETA PD8L Power Conditioner - good shape - missing one retractable light - $50 shipped

  • Grundorf ML 04 4U Rack - great shape - one ear is a little crooked but still closes perfectly - $50 shipped


Will sell the whole rack at $320 shipped, save $60! This is a great no-nonsense rack setup. I'll include patch cables and mini power cables for a clean rack setup. Local deal will get a discount too.


Trades - Really would like a Mesa Boogie 2x12, clean mid-gain amp heads, guitar pedals, Pedaltrain 1, guitars, try me. No rack stuff or Peavey, Crate, shredder guitars. Thanks...




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For sale is my beloved Agile AL3100. Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. Guitar is as new except for the following:


1. Stock pickups have been replaced with GFS Alnico 2 Classics in both neck and bridge. Very vintage-PAF tones. Think Beano, ZZ's First Album, Free, Zep 2. Very nice clean tones with excellent string definition. They really get rude when pushed.


2. Stock top hat knobs replaced with amber speed knobs.


3. Pickguard has been removed (but will be included).


Guitar is in new condition other than the mods listed above. Weight is about 9 lbs.


It is a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. Great neck (slightly larger than the Gibson 60s profile), no fretwear and the ebony board is smooth. Has real MOP inlays, Grover tuners. Triple binding on body and headstock, single binding on neck.


Will ship in a heavy duty gigbag and will be packed extremely well. $225 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.


NO TRADES- I am selling to finance a Carvin I just ordered.


Money order only, no PayPal. PM if interested.

















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SHO clone T1M Boost - $75 shipped

-Mint condition clean boost with the mini pedal design, great SHO clone


VoxCelestion 10" speaker - $35 shipped

-Mint condition VoxCelestion 10" speaker, 30 watts, 16 Ohms



Marshall Shredmaster- $170 shipped

-Vintage dirt pedal! Switch is non original and the output jack is missing a nut, works 100% Sounds amazing... Check out Radioheads "Creep"



Seymour Duncan "Jazz model" humbucker - $75 shipped

-Mint condition Seymour Duncan covered humbucker, Model SH2N,



Shure SM57 Mic - $80 shipped

-Mint condition Shure SM57 dynamic mic, great for recording and live PA. With mic clip and Shure bag.




I take Pay Pal, will ship international and NYC meetups are an option too.

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I have a Roland A300 Pro I'd like to sell to someone who will actually use it. I bought it when I was trying to get into recording at home. It's a nice unit but I don't use it, nor know how to.


its not got a scratch on it, I've got the box and everything. 260 shipped to North America.



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Just got a car repair bill today that I didn't need, looking to sell quick! Lowered prices.


Alesis SR-16 drum machine with 2 BOSS footswitches and oem power supply: $90 from $100 Really cool programmable drum machine. Used this live with the footswitches. Only sell because Garageband on the iPad is easier.




Ibanez DE-7, $50 from $60: One of the best sounding inexpensive digital delays ever made. Perfect working condition. Not rushing to sell this since it's a great tool to have when I'm not using my M13.




SHO Clone, $65 from $75: Clone of a well known and super awesome boost (made by a forumite). Nice blue paint job, cool Fenderish knob, and TINY form factor. No LED, but you'll know when it's on! Great work inside, I have two of these from this builder and don't need both.



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All prices are shipped (cont US), paypal'd with gift option (unless you want to pay the PayPal fee). No trades. $10 off if you buy two!


Prices lowered!


- Catalinbread Formula No. 5. The new model, in the box, like new, velcro'd. $150.


- Jack Deville Dark Echo. Excellent condition in the box. No velcro. $165.


- Danelectro Transparent Overdrive CTO-1. In the box. Great condition. $50.


- Joyo Ultimate Drive. Sounds like a Dumble! Or an OCD! Or not. Like new in the box. SOLD.

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prices shipp'd & paypal'd. Will do outside US if you cover shipping.

Only thing I'm really looking for is a trem (Dr. Scientist maybe?)


Scumtone Razzberry Fuzz - $50
Skreddy Pig Mine - $175
Mid Fi fuzz - $90 (possibly a psych byke proto)
Subdecay Noisebox - $100
ToneFactor Copperhead Dual boost - $100
Malekko Vibrato - $90
Guyatone Micro Octaver - $60 (1 or 2 octave down)

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FT: Teese Wizard Wah for another wah

I have a made in 2004 Teese Wizard Wah. No scratches and functions perfect. The only blemish is that some of the bottom label peeled off with some velcro I removed. I have the box and it has the fuzz buffer in it.

I'd love to trade for a fulltone clyde / wilson rippah Q / Teese picture

I need something with a very pronounced resonant quack in the heel position as I like to park my wah before a fuzz. The Wizard is a great wah but not the sound I'm looking for.


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All items listed are in mint condition with no velcro. I only ship to the CONUS.

I should add that these pedals are at my home, but I am not; therefore I can only ship the pedals out on certain weekends when I return. This weekend (9/16-9/18) I will be home. Please PM me if you have any questions about this situation.

T-Rex Replica - $250 - excellent condition, comes with power supply and I think I have the box around somewhere but no guarantees.

Boss DD-3 (MIJ) - $120 - long chip just like the famous DD-2, no box or manual; the knobs are not original but I will include 3 of the original ones along with the pedal


Sweet Sound MoFaux Vibe - $110 - great condition, no velcro, comes with box and manual


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