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Who wants to try out some pedals for free? (Blakemore Effects Tour Box)

Blakemore Effects

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First off, Phil wanted me to point out that I got permission for this thread before I started it. Thanks again for allowing me to do this. :wave:


So, as most of you probably know by now, I've started up my own pedal company, Blakemore Effects (also, here is my Facebook page, if you'd prefer to check it out). The problem is, I know that most people don't want to drop 129 bucks on a pedal when they don't even know how it sounds, and when no one has tried it out before. I figured the best way to get around this would be to do a Tour Box with all three of my pedals in it.


Here is what I have:



(These are just short descriptions. I go into more detail on the website, where there are also sound clips.)



Deus Ex Machina- A super thick, IC Big Muff style fuzz with knobs for a mid boost, and a clean blend.


Mustang Overdrive- A dynamic overdrive with knobs for volume, gain, bass, mids, and treble.


Bi-Polar Octadrive- The same overdrive circuit as the Mustang, but there is an additional footswitch that allows you to use an octave up effect with the overdrive.



Now, I haven't quite finalized all of the ground rules yet, but I'm thinking I'll try to mimic the tour box Parah Salin did as much as possible. Something along the lines of you can have 3-4 days with the box, but then you have to ship it out via USPS, insured, and with a delivery confirmation number that's PM'd to me. Normally I would include boxes for all my pedals, but I may leave them out just to cut down on shipping costs.


As much as I would love to be able to include everyone, I'm going to be putting a lot of my own money on the line here by sending these out, so I don't think I'm going to allow everyone to join. Maybe I'll just allow members who have been around for over a year, and who have someone that will vouch for them? I dunno. Again, I haven't made the rules set in stone yet; I just want to try and minimize my risk as much as possible.


Either way, if you're interested, just let me know in this thread. Again, the only thing you'll have to pay for is shipping to the next person. There's no fee to enter or anything; I just want to let people who are interested check out my pedals. I'll let this thread go for awhile though, and once I've got a decent list of people, I'll get the box shipped out.





In the meantime, let Bobby D serenade your earholes with the sounds of my pedals. :lol:





And let us not forget Travis!









To confirm that you want to be included, send me a PM with your full name, address, phone number, and your e-mail address. If you've sent me your info, I've sent you a confirmation PM, and you still aren't added to the list below, let me know.



Then here is the potential order right now. Let me know if you see any problems! I tried to do this based on geography as best I could.



delayed delay

Texas Noise Factory









carrier street












Then the box heads to Canadia, for these fine gentlemen.




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Interesting point about Canada. I don't really want people to have to pay for international shipping randomly, so what I may do is put all the Canadians at the end of the list, so international shipping only has to get paid once (and I'll cover the extra cost there). Sorry to make you guys wait longer though, but it's the only fair thing I can think of.

Good call. I'm willing to wait if I can have a chance to try them out!:thu:

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