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Questions about lo-fi vocals live.


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Thats another thing I was looking at.

How lo-fi is it? I don't want it super distorted to where it's in audible, but I do want it noticeable.


It does the green bullet thing quite well, doesn't really distort it alot but just put its in that EQ curve. Its definitely noticeable compared to the dry unaffected vocal.

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Impressive. And they're not terribly expensive either - about $129 "street."


You could use a graphic EQ to "bandpass filter" the signal - cutting lows and highs and leaving just the midrange - which is essentially what a telephone does - but that doesn't give you the distortion, and when running a vocal mic straight into a pedal, there are all kinds of level and impedance mismatch issues that you have to dodge around... same with getting the signal out of the pedals and then back into the PA... a dedicated processor like that makes a lot more sense IMO.

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