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List Every Key/Synth You've Ever Owned...

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The ones I no longer have

Casio PT80/SA1/SA38/SA75/CTK1100/CTK3000

Radio Shack LK1161


Casio SK1/CTK6200

Yamaha PSR19/PSRe443

Ipad with soft synths by Image Line, Xewton, Arturia, Apple (GarageBand), and others (CoreSynth HD) (main workstation and production, don't gig yet).

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Korg dw8000,  emu emax,  Roland alpha Juno 2 and MKS-50,  Roland D-50,  ensoniq VFX(yuck),  Ensiniq EPS,  KorgO1-w,  Kurzweil k2000,  k-2500,  

Korg Wavestation,   Roland D-70,  Emu E-Synth,   Akai MP7,  Korg ms2000,  Yamaha motif 7,  Alesis Ion,  Roland Jd800,   Roland JV-80,   roland JV1080, 

roland v-synth and vsnth gt,   

Korg Kronos,  Korg Kronos EX,   Waldorf pulse 2,  Waldorf blofeld keyboard and desktop,  Virus c,  moog little phatty,   Korg minilogue,   Korg king Korg,  Roland s-90,  Maudio Venom,  roland JDXA,   Roland System 8,  roland system 1,  roland MX-1 DSI Prophet 8,   

Currently using Moog subsequent 37 EV,  waldorf quantum and pulse 2,  and waiting on ASM Hydrasynth delivery,   Seriously considering the Fantom 8.   

Synths I think are underrated and regret selling?   Korg king Korg and Roland JDXA

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The current stable -

Roland RD-700, Roland Juno-DS 61, Roland Lucina, Roland U-110

Yamaha S-80, Yamaha Motif Rack, Yamaha TG-33, Yamaha CP-10 (first keyboard)

Korg DW-8000, Korg Wavestation SR, Korg Monologue

Those dearly departed -

Kawai K1m, Seil DK-70, Ensoniq EPS, Yamaha S-2000, Alesis D4, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Korg Poly-800, Yamaha TX81z, Kawai G-Mega.


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Casio SA-38/SA-75/PT-80

RadioShack LK-1161 (rebranded Casio LK-43)

Casio CTK-3000

Yamaha PSR-e443

Casio CTK-6200

Yamaha PSR-19


Casio WK-7600

Casio CT-X3000

Casio SK-1

Midiplus Origin 37

Yamaha MX49

Korg Minilogue (not XD)

Drum macbknes


Alesis SR-16

Acoustic keys

Irin 32 key Chinese melodica

other instruments

Everjoy ukulele (made in China)

Laurel Canyon Steel string acoustic (made in China)

Peripole Angel Soprano Recorder (made in South Korea)

Unbranded recorder (I think made in Malaysia or Indonesia)

First Act Harmonica (this thing actually sounds great for a toy, those bends can really wail)

2 Hohner Blues Band harmonicas, key of C (Chinese made model)

2 Hohner kazoos

Egg shakers (made in Taiwan)

Xylophone tube thing (made in China)

Remo hand drum

First Act toy percussion from late 90’s or early 2000’s (tambourines, woodblock fish, spoons, castanets, sleigh bells, and more)

Rain shakers (made in Israel)

Kenyan pellet drums (or whatever you call the drum you twist in your hands)

Mayan slit drum

Crow call scraper (made in Taiwan) (similar to a güiro)

Pennywhistle (2, one American, and one Chinese)

Suling flute (made in Indonesia)

Slide whistle (made in China)

Fife (made in USA)

Kazoo whistle clarinet thingy (I don’t know what to call it, sounds sort of like a high pitched wood duck call of some sort) (made in China)

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