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Show me your Jaguar!

Uma Floresta

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yeah about $1k would be normal for an AVRI in good condition.

but i dont feel like mods like that add value....if he was selling it for $1k then I'd be interested....but when you add other pickups and switches/etc, I don't think that's justification to up the price.


Fair enough. :) I agree - mods normally don't increase the market value on guitars... unless the mods are exactly the ones that the potential buyer was considering doing themselves, in which case you might be able to justify a bit of a price increase. For example, a Mustang or Mastery bridge is something many people would want on a Jaguar anyway, so including one with the guitar could be considered a value-added thing. OTOH, if the potential buyer wants a stock as a rock example of the guitar, or doesn't like the mods you had done, then that adds no value whatsoever for them, and could increase the cost to them if they have to buy replacement parts to "undo" a bunch of mods.


I'd want to hear and play it first... if those pickups sound good in it, then it might be worth a few extra bucks. You can always offer less than he's asking and see if he bites. :)

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For an AVRI? Yeah, it's modded, but what would they normally sell for? What would you consider a fair price on that guitar? I would have assumed that ~$1k would be a fairly typical price for a used AVRI Fender in nice condition.


I paid $750 for mine but that was like 6 years ago.


$1000 for any AVRI is fair ... Ive owned the 62 Jag, 52 tele, and 57 Strat all are top notch.


Jags tend to be less valuable than Jazzmasters but I dont think they are worth less.

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