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Original CRYBABY Wah? REV D???


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took possession of this for a measley $10 for this today.

seller said he bought it a long time ago for $20 and its really old...but has never worked...and i just wanted the enclosure/shell for a project.




openned up to revealed a broken pcb



traces appear all intact



netsearching all the rev pics...im led to believe this is a Rev D?

anyone confirm this and know anymore info ? ie year(s) manufactured etc?

any good compared to the other newer/older Revs?


ill prob just harvest the inductor, if that...dont think its really worth my time to trouble shoot/repair it.

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Yeah, that's a Rev. D. They were made from 1989-1990. I'd test the inductor before desoldering it. Measure the resistance across the 33k resistor that's parallel to the inductor. If you get 100R or higher then the inductor probably went open when the wah was dropped.

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