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Which semi-hollow body would you buy?


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I'm on the hunt for a semi-hollow body. Unfortunately i won't be able to play them all before i would buy one because the music stores around here do not carry the ones i am looking in to.


So naturally the first thing i though to do was to ask y'all what your opinions are on these guitars. yup yup yup....


I'm also open to other options, these are just the ones that have caught my eye.


Gretsch 5122 Electromatic - $750(new)



Hanson Chicagoen - $870(new)



Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe - $750(new)



Epiphone Limited Edition ES-355 - $699(new)


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so you want also a bigsby?

maybe you could add the eastwood classic 6 deluxe to your list


$599 new

as lefty i would love to have such a quantity of different models in this price range

but i haven't played either on of these models, so i can't say which is best

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This thread is relevant to my interests. I have played the 5122 and like it a lot, but I would love to get my hands on the Hanson or the Eastwood. The Epi might not be too bad either.


How is the neck on the 5122? I don't like really big and thick necks.

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