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Speaking of amazing girlfriends...


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...I met this precious lady named Lavendera while I was going out to pick up a coffee yesterday afternoon. She said hello to me as I was walking down Ponce and we hit it off immediately. She really wanted to have lunch with me but had to work, and she told me that we would, unfortunately, not be able to unless I basically paid her what should would be making because she needed the money or something. I didn't ask, but she must have a pretty interesting job to be making $40 on an hourly basis. I snapped this quick picture of her when she wasn't looking:




Anyway, we made it to the Starbucks. She wanted a Marshmallow Dream Bar and some Marble Pound Cake, and I gladly obliged. I only got a Ham and Swiss Panini. I try to eat, but am entranced by her body. A subtle move of her hips would drive me wild, and she knew it. With her eyes piercing my jeans staring straight at my dong, I asked if maybe she wouldn't mind coming to my apartment to check out my El Capistan, if you know what I mean ;). Not ten minutes later I was drifting off into a wonderful {censored} coma, convinced I was in love.


I awoke to an empty apartment that evening, wondering where my mistress had run off to. I returned to that Starbucks in hopes of seeing her, but wound up getting another Ham and Swiss Panini (quite good TBH). I suppose I'll never know what happened to my Lavendera, but it'll be a Valentine's Day I will always remember :)

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