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This is why I effing hate Facebook


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I was just surfing around on FB tonight, everything was fine.


I tried to log in when I got home & got this message my account was temporarily suspended for suspicious activity (possibly from phishing). I hadn't clicked any links claiming to be FB or anything.


Anyways, I went thru the security steps on FB (changing password, verifying things, etc), and then I finally get to this screen to get access to my account by entering a Captcha (those 2 squiggly words).


I enter it correctly, but it tells me it doesn't match & won't let me log in! :mad:


I've done this multiple times so I KNOW I've entered the words right.....WTF is this {censored}??


Anyone had this happen? How the {censored} am I supposed to get into my account? I sent FB an email form their online form, but I'm not hopeful for a response.



edit: nevermind....i had to hit the "back" button & it gave me some different kind of Captcha that finally worked.




i hate the internet.

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