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New to pedals.. help


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A friend of mine upgraded all of his pedals and sold me his ones. Never really played with pedal before what order do I put them in. What would be the last pedal that gets connected into amp?


1- Boss RC-3 Looper

2- Tuning pedal

3- Delay pedal

4- Distortion pedal

5- Acoustic simulator

6- Chorus pedal


Please any help you can give me would be great. Thanks guys.

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Go in this order:


1. Guitar

2. Tuner

3. Acoustic simulator

4. Chorus

5. Distortion

6. Delay

7. Looper


That's the order I'd put them in, anyways. Just mix and match and experiment, if you have an effects loop on your amp, don't be afraid to run any time-based effects through there. Enjoy! :wave:

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TomVanDeven's suggestion is a good start. I'd put the RC-3 in the effects loop if possible. 99% of the time you want it as late in the chain as possible, after all your tone shaping, since it will play back everything in front of it.


i agree, but maybe chorus after distortion if you're 'into that sort of thing'.


Definitely try it both ways, see which you like better.

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Tom's is a good suggestion, but it partly depends on what kind of music you're playing. Personally, I'd do this because I'd like a less-regular looped sound:


1- Tuning pedal

2- Acoustic simulator

3- Distortion pedal

4- Boss RC-3 Looper

5- Chorus pedal

6- Delay pedal


Now, this is sort of the opposite philosophy of what was mentioned before. In this setup you would have a basic loop you could make with distortion and acoustic sounds in it and then you'd play that into a chorus or delay that would not be in synch with the loop, necessarily, creating a loop that wouldn't necessarily act in the traditional loop as backing track sort of way but almost more of a dub-style samples with varied effects kind of way.


If it were for a shoegazer band I might even put the distortion last or after the loop as it'd give a very messy abstract wall of sound.


Nothing wrong with any of these options, but it depends on what kind of effect you want to create.


I'd say make sure the tuner is first (so it sees the cleanest possible signal) and acoustic simulator is second but after that it's anything goes. Have fun!

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