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If you want a MIJ guitar, come here.


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This is more of a poll than an offer. I might be going to Tokyo for business. If I do, I would have the ability to ship from the U.S. Military Post Office in Tokyo. Which means, cost of shipping would be U.S.P.S. rates from the equivalent of California, priority and flat rate also apply plus a nominal difference.


If I were to go, I would potentially be open to picking up a number of guitars from Ishibashi and ship them. If you are interested, post a message here letting me know and letting me know what you are interested in.



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why the {censored} don't I have deets on that tele yet?



according to ishibashi website


Serial Number: [MADE IN JAPAN T021060]

[] 12 months Warranty: used Ishibashi

WEIGHT: 3.45 [kg]

[2007 - 2009]: Year of Manufacture

Case: Soft Case [Original]

[/ Nylon black - Type: Color / Case


Rare outside the catalog model! !


This is a rosewood body using the top, the back, reminiscent of the famous Rose All that George Harrison.

Destinations such as spaghetti logo and attractive elements of the F key and gloss finish peg, rosewood veneer, and also head the fingerboard.

We finished in the specification looks more upscale with a sense of body binding.


Without any noticeable large scratches, condition is pretty good! !

Decreased almost no fret, it does not matter effectiveness of the rod! !


Although it is not all rose, competition is inevitable looks so cool anyway! !

Early! !





89,800 yen.... so i guess about a grand for rosewood veneer? not crazy good but {censored} if i could spec out a custom telecaster it would look just like that.

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