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Powering Vocal FX pedal with PP2+


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I recently got a TC Helicon Voicetone Create pedal to add a little something for vocals during our live show. I haven't been looping much for our gigs, so it's taken the place of my headrush on my pedalboard for now. I've been wondering though for convenience, if it would be possible for me to use the spare jack i have open from not using the headrush to power the vocal effect. The wall wart says that it's 12V, so would I simply be able to flip the DIP switch for that jack to 12 V and plug in the effect? Or would it be too much draw/potential chaos for powering a vocal effect pedal that's connected to a mic and going out to the f.o.a. with my power supply that's also running 6-7 pedals on it? I'd like to cut down on some wiring/power outlet usage. I've thought about powering it through the coutesy outlet, but since the PS is wall wart size, it won't fit through the opening that a pedaltrain board has on the front.

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