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SOT: Souped up my $100 Stella Parlor Acoustic


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So a little while back, i posted in a thread that i was planning on mounting a strat pup onto an acoustic.






I finally did it!


And I went all out while doing so:

~ mounted the strat pup

~ wired in a tone pot to control the strat pup

~ mounted an internal "disc" shaped piezo close to the bass side of the bridge

~ mounted a "thumbwheel" pot to blend in the piezo with the strat pup

~ master volume

~ GHS White Bronze strings (fantastic strings btw)

~ endpin jack


blablablablablah... here are the pics! :thu:





here's the strat pup with its homemade mounting gear:



i plugged her in, and she sounds fantastic! so many tonal possibilities!!

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sweet! although i'm a little perplexed by the knob placement



the knobs actually don't get in my way at all. i feel like, in comparison, the les paul switch is more "in-the-way" than these are.. i think it has to do with how short the neck is, i never end up strumming past the sound-hole.

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Been wanting to do something similar myself, cept i was thinking P90.

Gotta find the right $100 guitar 1st tho.

Nice job!



yea, finding a cheap, playable, nice looking guitar is no walk in the park..

mm p90 would be wicked.

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Was I the one who recommended the White Bronze strings? They're my go to acoustic string, and I recommend them to anyone with a magnetic pup on their acoustic.



indeed!! thanks a bunch, there couldn't have been a more timely recommendation than yours!

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