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So I met Tom Peloso last night...


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I work at Starbucks. Been there for 4 years. Anytime theres a show in town theres a good chance I meet at least one person from a band performing that night. Met the guys from Anberlin a few months ago as a matter of fact.


A few weeks ago I was told that the lead guitarist from Modest Mouse lived in Lynchburg (where I am now attending school). I didn't think that could possibly be true but last night this guy walks into Starbucks that looks a loooot like him. I take his order and he hands me his credit card to pay. I already thought it was him but I wasn't entirely sure so I looked at the name on the card. Sure enough it was him. Asked him if he was Tom Peloso as in the guitar player from Modest Mouse. We talked for a while. Nice guy. Asked him about working with Johnny Marr and what the band was up to. They're working on a new album. He heads out to Portland every so often to work with the guys.


Now Lynchburg is a small town. Thought it was weird that he lived here. He said he's a huge history buff and loved the history of the town here and the architecture. He plays music and restores old houses. Thats all he knows how to do he said. Real nice guy. Glad I got to meet him. Real cool!


And for the record...he likes darker coffee and/or quad americanos. Just in case you're curious :thu:

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