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Sending a guitar by Courier in the UK: Cheapest options??


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^ :lol: Postal employees unite!


I work in a postroom [at a premises of a certain government department; 'if-I-told-you-I'd-have-to-kill-you' etc], and Parcelforce give us good rates on delivery [and good service as well], but that's on a government contract - what ordinary folk pay I don't know, as I haven't ever used them myself.


That said, it's probably been Yodel that I've had the promptest service on (phones from O2, bike orders from Wiggle etc), but I'd bet that this is just as dependent on the shipper as the courier, if not moreso.


And none of them [drivers] in my experience treat stuff brilliantly well, so I'd pack it up very thoroughly, and I wouldn't be confident trying to claim from them.

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