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Pedal Board Layout - 2 Loops or 3 Loops.....Mmmmm....?????


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I'm looking for peoples thoughts on my pedal board order/layout.


I've just finalised a pedal board layout that I'm quite happy with, it's the order that I've been putting the finishes touches to. Apart from the TS9 the only other none true bypass pedals are the "Metal" ones in Loop A and the DD-3 towards the end of the chain. One concern is whether I should change my Looper pedal to one that has 3 loops, the third I could use for my mod & delay pedals shortening my bypassed signal when the loops are not in use, this would be for approx 40% of our songs.


Anyhow, here's the order of the gear and any input, suggestions or advice would be very welcome:


Guitar into........


Wah - (Budda 1st Issue)

Compressor (Rothwell - Love Squeeze)

Tuner - (TC Electronic - Polytune, possibly into a Tuner Out if I use a Volume Pedal or from Looper pedal...!!!!)

OD/Dist - (Xotic BB Plus)

OD/Dist - (Rothwell Heartbreaker)

OD/Boost - (Ibanez - Keeley TS9)

OD/Boost - (Lovepedal - Amp 50)


....into Looper Input....


Looper Pedal - (3 Switches, one for Loop A or B, Tuner Out, Master Bypass)


Loop A


Dist - (Boss - Heavy Metal HM-2)

Dist - (Line 6 - Uber Metal)


Loop B


Tonebender Fuzz Clone - (Big Knob - Colour Jumbo)

Fuzz - (DIY Mild Fuzz)


.....out of Looper Output....


Modulation - (Eventide - Modfactor )

Delay - (Boss DD3 or/and MXR - Carbon Copy)

Reverb - (Hardwire - RV-7)


.....into front of Orange Rocker 30 Head or Selmer 1965 T'n'B 50 Head, neither has an effects loop.





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