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FX loops through mixer with two amps


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So here am my question. I has two amps, the aforementioned Soldano Avenger 50W and an Orange Tiny Terror, the former for overdrive, the latter for clean as a baby's rectal quarters. Then I gots me some effects, a few, like overdrive pedals, intended for the Solando, others for the Orange. Then I gots me this Behringer mixer, see? And it's got these two Send/Returns, see? And I'm thinkin' "What've ya got to lose, Bugsy? Might as well set up the two FX loops through the mixer, send the guitar into the mixer, and two channels of the mixer, resepectively, out to dem amps right der, see?" And I was right. So I'm askin', does this make any sense to dirty rats? Remember, a wrong answer could result in you acquiring some cement overshoes, see? Maybe even a belly full o' lead, see? So be a smart boy. Yeah.

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