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Decaying sound on Overdrive channel of J&H V2?


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Hey guys. I wonder if anybody here had experience the same issue I'm having with the overdrive channel of my Visual Sound JH V2.


I noticed recently that whenever I play a note and when it starts fading, there's like a crackle of dying transistor sound... sort of like a fuzz on dying batteries. I can clearly hear it whenever I'm playing alone and it really is not good for playing 'quite' parts' . I tried different guitars, amps (single and humbuckers), different cable, same issue. This does not happen in my other overdrive pedal. I also tried to open it and toggle between the built in noise reduction but alas.. same issue. It doesn't matter whether the Drive is on full or just on half, the same decaying sound is still there........... very frustrated. I just never tried tweaking the trim pot... was it for bass knob of the Hyde side?


I also checked on some sites and have somewhat a similar issue --> http://www.tdpri.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-268602.html



:cry: Help!

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