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Difference between Voodoo Lab Digital & ISO 5 power supply


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Figured i need to get an extra power supply, I already have a PP+2.

What's best, ISO 5 or the Digital power?


My new acquisitions:

Eventide pitchfactor

MJM 60s vibe

Diamond Memory Lane

Empress Superdelay


and 5 other regular 9v pedals.


Please advise! Muchas gracias :love:

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3 x 9VDC - 100mA

9/12VDC - 300mA

18VDC - 100mA



2 x 9/12VDC - 400mA

2 x 9VDC - 400mA


You'll need

9VDC - 400mA centre positive (red cable) - Eventide PF


9VDC - 300mA - Empress Delay

18VDC - 200mA centre positive - Diamond ML2


So the Digital would suit your needs better due to the higher mA requirement for some of your pedals, and the MJM will take 2 of the 9V outputs to achieve 18vdc


Edit: A Cioks DC10 would probably be even better

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Right, looking up the cioks, but I can't find a UK dealer. If i got the Cioks, would i then not need the PP+2?



You have to email him directly as there's no UK or Irish dealer. Info on website- http://www.cioks.com/

The Ciokolate is coming out this year and that should end most people's power needs.


If you daisychain some of the 9V pedals of one outlet from the Cioks you should be able to sell the PP2+. But then there's the chance that you might get ground loops between the daisy chained pedals causing a hum.

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I guess the Digital is a cheaper and easier option at this point, so not the ISO 5?



It's for the 400mA required for the PF that I recommended the VL Digital. If you plan to run a midi unit from that the 400mA won't be enough so you'd just have to use the Eventide PSU that comes with it which is around 1Amp rated.


You have 2 x 18V pedals so that takes 4 outputs from the Voodoo Labs (also having to buy the voltage doupler cables at about

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