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NCD: New Cabinet(s) Day


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Edit: Now With Clip


So, I got my amp back from my amp tech/builder friend (Cono Fusco in Queens, NY if anyone is looking for a really good and reasonable tech/custom amp builder) today. He'd made me this awesome little amp inside the chassis of a tiny solid state marshall (if you look closely you can still see where it says Lead something or other under where the standby switch is now) and I had had it in the original combo cabinet for a while. However, the amp is way too much for the little cabinet and 10 inch speaker that were in there so I asked Cono if he could rehouse it into a head/cab combo for me.


It came back today and sounds awesome. I put a Celestion Heritage G12-65 in the cab, which is a closed back made from solid pine.


Anyway, this thing is pretty tiny but it's no joke. It's a handwired AC-15/JCM800 hybrid. More or less it's a JCM800 preamp with a vox-style power amp that does also have a control for presence so it's not totally free of negative feedback. This helps it stay a little cleaner than a vox power section on the lower gain input. It's about 20 watts and has a lot of punch.



Vintage Hammond Transformers

Line Out for direct to house/recording if you like

4/8/16 ohm selector with two speaker jacks

High and Low Inputs







3 x 12AX7

2 x el84

Power supply modified for a more tube-rectified type attack but still a solid state rectifier (it's brother, the red amp on top, is a full-sized head and does have a tube rectifier, but that wouldn't actually fit in this head)


Very nice, loud enough for live use but sounds good at lower volumes, and also very portable.

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Ok, here we go. I just kind of messed around for a while with the amp fist on the low channel by itself with different pickups, then added a timeline, then a new muff-like pedal I've just come up with called the Evil Rainbow, then both timeline and evil rainbow and eventually onto the high gain channel by itself and with the same effects.


Guitar is my black strat outfitted with handwound lace sensors from the early 2000s. Mics are a blumline pair of cascade fatheads. Not my greatest mic placement in the universe (plus i sat a little too close to the mic and you can hear some string noise now and then), but you can get an idea for how this thing sounds and takes pedals.


Oh, also settings on the amp were the same for both clean and dirty this time around. Gain about 3 o clock on both channels and master actually down pretty low.



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