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I hate when i go to a show and the band plays like $h!z....


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So i went to a show last night....first the singer chick that i'm way into was sick, i guess she couldn't play....so that just starts things off with a bad dynamic.....I feel like the eye candy isn't there (cos it's not)


First fluffing song, before the FIRST CHORUS, idiot guitarist breaks a string. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Then the ending semi falls apart, they barely pulled it together...dude was so concerned with playing guitar i'm assuming since the string that broke is the one he uses the most on that song.....sooooo yeah.


Of course he didn't bring a backup.....he had the nerve to use the other guitarists backup.....looked like he wasn't used to it, felt weird to him i guess.


Band sounded average at best in the middle


Then the last song, the LAST big hoorah rock part, singer dude steps on the fluffing cable, yanks it out of the guitar, and the cable tip goes somewhere he can't see....so he gives up.


So very first thing and very last thing....nice obvious fluff ups.



Blah. CSB.

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