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HCFX Songwriting Contest, Time to Vote! PART 2

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Ok everyone, the time has come....12 brave contestants have entered the first HCFX Songwriting Contest! :cool:


So I'm breaking this down into 2 rounds, then the top 3 from each round go on to the final round.


Here are the rules....


You can vote in EACH group once. So you get 2 votes to start with. The songs are titled, but the forum members are not. That way there is no favoritism. Forumites, please don't say which song you wrote...the winning forumite will be revealed after the finals!


The theme of this contest was to highlight your favorite effect....so hopefully you did that well! You should vote for the song you like best! But also please consider the featured effect & how well they incorporated that into the song.


Please actually listen to each song....then when you vote, you MUST post in the thread WHY you voted the way you did. This needs to be a sort of mini-critique....the whole point is we can learn from each other about our songwriting & hopefully become better songwriters. This needs to be a thoughtful comment, not just "oh i liked X the best cos it sounded the best".


If you do not comment about your vote or don't give a meaningful comment, your vote will not be counted :cop::cop::cop:


But please be civil & constructive...this isn't about {censored}ting on each other...it's about helping each other to become better songwriters.


Optional (but encouraged) is to give feedback on other tracks...such as "i couldn't tell the "themed" effect" or "you overused the delay on that guitar line" etc etc...but again, remember to be civil & keep your comments in the spirit of fun & constructiveness.


This is Group 2 :


HCFX Songwriting Contest Group 2


Give each song a real listen & make your vote, then post why!


Good luck to all the contestants! :wave:

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Fun Bun

sloppy bluesguitar well executed, vocals not too catchy, quick 'n dirty



aarggghh, I don't like the first 50 seconds, I'm starting to like it and then it end

don't know what to make of this, I never listen to this kind of music


Hundred Dollar Pillow

love that snare sound, another lofi exercise, good use of FX, nice, very nice, nicely mixed

no ending


Last train to bHzville

aha, synths to start with, 80s new wave, getting a little bored after 90 seconds, I used to have this in the 80s with new wave, hated it with a passion

now I like this track, but in the end I felt like there was something missing from it, some vocals perhaps



bored after 30 seconds and it hasn't even even started yet, uninspired noodling, it is loooong, past the 5 minute mars, not very rock, doesn't make sense to me


Not a foggy memory ....

starts great, what a relief, oooh, yes ! riffage ! pitchshifting ! swoosh! break, and a bassfuzz, this I like best, it's rich and plenty

oooh, abrupt ending, well this gets my vote

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"Not A Foggy Memory But A Very Fuzzy One" was the only instrumental track on this whole contest that I didn't get bored with. Kind of epic and video-game-soundtrack like in its arrangement.



i agree with this statement wholeheartedly. It's not really my style of music, and I don't know if I'd listen again, but it kept me interested through the end.


I liked the start of #3, it seemed like it was going to be something different, but then it just got sort of repetitive and devolved into just the solo thing. The rest were competently recorded and wouldn't seem out of place on the rights controlled compilations I use at work for cable video, but everything seemed rather conservative and sort of (80s era) retro.

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Not a Foggy Memory but Certainly a Very Fuzz One


I thought this was the most interesting song. Pretty rocking, nice effects. From the title, I'm assuming fuzz was the featured effect. I liked the use of delay and pitch effects too. I found some of the other songs to be a bit meandering.

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1. Fun Bun

+Smashing Pumpkiny

+Has potential

-Though to see that potential would be a violation of the contest deadline

-canned drums

-whispering held back vocals as if recorded around sleeping roommates that pick on you when you sing.

-not much going on, guy and guitar over a drum machine


2. Delayed

+Great effective use of name-sake effect

+Diverse, full sounding, moves well

+Well done. Good guitar work. Very pro

-No vocals

-Sounds slightly like knock-off brand Tool


3. Hundred Dollar Pillow

+I can relate to the song

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Delayed and Not a Foggy Memory were really cool, but Mellow is the clear winner in this one IMO. Beautiful tones and nice playing, what's not to love? If you did this one, you should shoot me a PM so I know what's going on here haha (same goes for Not a Foggy Memory too). I thought the music was good in Hundred Dollar Pillow, but the vocals kinda ruined it for me. I get that that's the point, but as said earlier it does kinda undermine the song. The words are pretty funny though to be fair. Last train to bHzville was a pretty interesting listen and Fun Bun was a good bit of fun, but they didn't grab me as much.


Will we find out who did the tracks? I'd be curious to see who did what.

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"Not A Foggy Memory..." got my vote because it's groovy pulse and the best structure by far. If I'm unconsciously bobbing my head within the first couple of seconds, there's something great happening. My only critique is that it ends abruptly and could see more added before it finishes.

Atmosphere and pacing serve very well but within context, and while "Mellow" is nicely produced, it could have been my number one choice if it didn't meander so much. I like songs that don't overstay their welcome; play what needs to be played and be done with it. Also the title is too straight forward. Don't tell me how to feel! :lol:

I really wanted to vote for "Delayed" because it had some really sweet Thrice-ish moments (0:48 - 1:14 and 1:42 to the end) but never strayed from the repetitive chord progression. I can see this becoming something seriously awesome and someone needs to tell me what delay is being used here. :lol:

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Fun Bun and Last Train to Bhzville didn't grab me as such but they're still ok.


Mellow was supersolid. I dug it. Great choice of sounds/feel. Track length didn't bother me.


Not a Foggy Memory was (evoking Yes? Yes.) was a good all rounder but could've done with something more, the riff had potential for a vocal to sit on top and there wasn't one. I 'unno, ramble.


Hundred Dollar Pillow was the most fun though. I dug the goofy vocal and the feel. Reminded me of this song too which got it bonus points.



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