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Percocet Diraries Vol III: "alternative lifestyle" documentaries


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tl;dr: been watching a lot of "alternative lifestyle" type documentaries. People are weird, but it really is all relative.


Recovery's coming along - sleeping a little better (I have to wear the neck collar while I sleep), but still sleeping in my recliner so I wake up pretty stiff. Since I'm home alone this week, I've been watching some documentaries that my wife would have little interest in. Here's what I've seen:


Modifiy: covers everything from bodybuilding, plastic surgery, scart, tatoos, skin implants, you name it. I liked that the people (tatoo artists, plastic surgeons, piercers, body builders) all agreed that anything you do to your body is a form of modification. I hadn't really thought of it that way. But, man, that {censored} where people implant {censored} under their skin... that's messed up IMO. That need to stick out from everyone else has always fascinated me. I can't help but think if people were truly comfortable in their skin, they wouldn't need to do outrageous {censored}. They discuss the difference between Modification and Mutilation and how it's basically a matter of perspective. One modification I don't get is cutting the underside of the penis lenghtwise. Not all the way through, just the underside. Pretty gross and I don't see how it enhances the feeling or anything.


Fetishes: the filmmaker hangs out w/ some dominatrixes in a NYC business and interviews them and the clients. I've always found it interesting that a large part of the client base is VERY powerful men paying to be demeaned, belittled, and humiliated.


Kink: A Canadian series following people into things like S&M and cross dressing. I didn't realize it was a series at first - I got bored of the "cast" so didn't watch too many episodes. Again, it's always interested me how some people push that boundary of pleasure and pain. Seems like for some people, there's a constant need to get more and more extreme. But according to them, it's "loving". I'm not judging, but I don't quite get that.


The Workshop: the filmmaker goes to this ten day workshop in California led by this Paul Lowe dude. This was interesting. All these people go in hopes of making their lives better, but it seems like a huge focus is on Lowe's belief that people aren't meant to be monogamous and by doing so, we deny our true nature. So the bulk of the documentary is people sleeping with each other, being jealous, and trying to "get over their {censored}". So on the one hand, Lowe's argument is people should not deny their inhibitions. But my take on it was all these people are trying to be like children and be at the whim of their inhibitions consequences be damned. I'm not against open relationships. Hell, in theory, they sound liberating. But it just doesn't seem as easy as Lowe makes it out.


Burlesque docs (A Wink and a Smile; Behind the Burly Q): Behind the Burly Q is a really cool history of burlesque. I didn't know that the American origins were basically entertainment for the working class during the depression. Also, I didn't know that the original shows were 1.5 hours long w/ comedians and dance numbers. Abbot and Costello and Alan Alda's father got their starts in those settings. A Wink and s Smile was about a group of women taking a Burlesque class in Seattle. Interesting seeing why people wanted to do it and then the emotions that came out in the process


The Price of Pleasure: How porn has permeated out culture and how it impacts our relationships. This was way more disturbing than I thought it'd be. There were some researchers who looked at a random sample of the most rented movies (according to an industry magazine) and what the subjects were. I was pretty shocked that so many of the films involved abuse (verbal, physical), and themes of pedophilia (some of that babysitter porn gets pretty disgusting). I thought there'd be more "straight porn" content, but surpisingly, no.

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