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The P&W Thread: HCFX Edition

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hahaha, thanks!


.. it probably is bannable because I suggested "let people talk about gear and their beliefs freely" in it which at the moment isn't allowed.


anyway good luck with it, I'll be off now. :)

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Guitar/amp/effects companies to avoid:


Behringer (Hell-Babe wah)

B.C. Rich (Warlock guitars)

Blackheart amps (Handsome Devil)

Budda amplifiers

DiMarzio (Humbucker from Hell)

DR strings (Red Devil guitar strings)

Dunlop (Crybaby From Hell)

Durham (Sex Drive)

Fender (Evil Twin)

Gibson (Gothic guitars, Voodoo edition Les Paul)

Hellatone speakers

Hermida (Zendrive)

Ibanez (Weeping Demon wah, Wizard guitars)

Rocktron (Seven Deadly Sins envelope filter)

Schecter (Demon & Devil Spine guitars)

Seymour Duncan (Screamin' Demon pickups)

Voodoo Labs effects

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I want this to be a safe place. A refuge. Like the high school guidance counselor's office--where it's ok to talk about being a virgin. where no one will laugh at you for opening up about your feelings, concerns, worries.

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