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How my Current Rig Came to be....


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I decided I wanted to use single channel non-master volume amps run clean and use pedals for dirt and effects.


I ended up choosing a Fender Pro Junior as my amp of choice and I bought two of them. I also had a Marshall Class 5 which I sold.


I then bought some pedals and ran them like this...


Boss SD1 - Fulltone OCD - Boss DS1 - Boss DD3 - MXR Carbon Copy - TC Flashback


I sold the TC, MXR and DD3 and bought a Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master for my Delay needs.


Then I bought a MXR M78 Distortion and a MXR M77 OD to replace the SD1 and DS1.


Lastly I bought a Ibanez TS808 to replace the MXR M77.


So now I have 4 GREAT pedals that work well together and a Wah pedal in my closet if I ever want to get funky.


Here is the current set-up:


TS808 - OCD - M78 - Dispatch Master


Of course now I ordered a H&K Tubemeister 18 combo which has two channels and a built in boost....


I still don't think my pedals and non-master volume amps will be replaced, but you never know:p


What path did you all take to get your current rig?


BTW, you don't have to go back to the beginning, just from your last 1 or 2 amps and pedals in that time.

If I went back it would have been 100 pages.


Here is my current rig (except for the Marshall in the last pic)...







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Oh {censored}.
I thought this was an interactive thread, not an essay. Sorry I posted above



It is interactive....

I want to see how people arrived at their current rigs, or am I the only one that switches things around trying to find my perfect tone?


I have you beat....

35 years here, the first 5 serious, 25 year hiatus, and the last 5 serious.

The first 5 I did not know an one amp or pedals from another.

Now the internet provides me with so much info, in the last 6 months I have owned more guitars, amps and pedals than the first 30 combined.

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The whole rig is solid too! Nicely done.



It took a lot of experimenting back and forth.

At one point I had 3 delays and a reverb at one time.

Then I had the SD1, DS1, MXR M77, MXR M78, Fulltone OCD, and TS808 all at once.


The TS808 and OCD are pedals I have sold, regretted it, and bought back.

The Dispatch Master is a cool little pedal, reverb and delay in one.

The M78 is the best distortion I have owned, I constantly go back and forth between the OCD and the M78, but I would be afraid to part with either at this point.


If I switch to the Tubemeister dual channel as my go to amp, if it really sounds as good as the hype, I could see selling everything except maybe the delay.

I'd love the simplicity of being able to grab one guitar and one amp and just plugging in and playing.

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Is that white Marshall a Class 5?



Yep, I just sold it to a lucky ebayer for $375 shipped.

Gorgeous amp, but the Pro Jrs do the same thing with more power and more portability.

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At the start I had an Ampeg Ss70, a peavey DEP16 and a metal zone. After my first band I owned a crate g80xls a Boss PH2, the DEP and a rack mount Ibanez Chorus/Delay. The crate gave way to a head version, then to a Laney ProTube 50. All of this went out the door when I got into rack units. It started with an ArT SGE Mach II, rockman which I found the rackmount for, a Yamaha half rack, Alesia quadraverb gt, Hughes & Kettner Attax, a pair of Boss GL100, and a Mesa TriAxis 2.0. I had the Boss, H&K, and Mesa all at the same time. As I paired down I slimmed my setup to a Rocktron ProGAP Ultra, Digitech TSR24s, and an A/DA Microtube 200 which I had been running as my main power amp.


Following a 5 year hiatus, I picked up a 1974 Silverface Champ and ran it with a Bad Horsie and an RP1.

When modeling amps came out, I tried them all and chose the Fender CyberDeluxe as my mainstay for gigging the next 4 years. This gave way to a Vetta system for a two year show. Afterwards, I got into trying a variety of MFx units and the Atomic Reactor. I finally settled for the next 3-4 years on a Traynor YCS50 and Vox Tonelab SE.

Then I found the joy of my GenzBenz BlackPearl30. Being a single channel amp, I started down the path of making a real pedal board. That in itself is another essay.

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Never seen a white class5. Would've thought it looked ghey. But it's dead sexy:love:



It was sexy, but form follows function and the Pro Juniors do the same thing with more power.

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