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OT: Saw Hey Rosetta! and their opener, Rich Aucoin last night


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I'd seen Hey Rosetta! a few months ago opening for Gomez and was really impressed. They play fairly complex pop music, and are super tight. Only about 30 people there.






They brought Rich Aucoin from Canada, who I hadn't hear of. He sang and had effects set up on an ironing board, and had a drummer playing 3 toms and a cymbal. The guy is super charismatic and first talked have the people in the bar to come to the other side (it's a strange set up at this dive bar), got people singing on most of the songs, cool computer graphics projected on a screen behind him, had a colorful parachute that everyone got under (like being a kid), and had everyone put hands in the center while singing the last song. All this for a guy no one knew, and a musical style people hadn't come for.











Having seen Spiritualized on Monday, it's been a great week for live music here.

This is from Monday's show:





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HR! is from my home turf, while Rich is from my current city. Both are on Sonic Records and both put-off an amazing live show. In October of last year, Rich played a show with a 80+ piece band... I'll have to see if I can find a vid.

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