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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 5-28-12

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Vexter Fuzz Probe (as new in box) - $270



Ibanez DPL10 Pan Delay - $95



Skreddy Pig Mine - $204



Devi Ever Ruby - $102



Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah (fairly beat up) - $94




Things I'm Looking for:

patch cables

Power supply (PP2+ etc)

MXR Carbon Copy or Malekko Ekko 616

Mastery Bridge

midi bass pedals or some kind of taurus equivalent

try me for anything really though.

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will post pics later - all prices shipped priority/paypal'ed in us. will ship int'l but you cover shipping & extra fees on shipping. ebay feedback 82jar. no trades unless you have an ipod touch 64gb


blackout effectors mantra black on black w/ box $115 - pending

foxrox octron 2 $250

analogman sunlion v1 ti/uk trannies w/ bag $SOLD

ehx pog 2 w/ box, adapter $250

ehx freeze w/ box $90 - pending

secret seasons snowdrift w/ box $200

sonicvi lovetone big cheese clone $SOLD

copilot android ring mod w/ box $90

boss ps-3 pitch shifter/delay - missing 1 knob, non functional LED - $75

boss rv-5 reverb w/ box $90

boss dsd-2 delay/sampler $95

red witch moon phaser w/ box $SOLD

bixonic expandora w/ box $175

roland DC-50 digital chorus/echo ce-1 circuit $325


fender telecaster elite black w/ hsc $1000


more pics here http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v228/joetbs/music/pedals/?start=all



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This is a usa neck pickup




Works perfect, pulled from an 02 usa strat, from this ad.




replacement lace sucked in comparison. The strat is sold btw




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All prices include shipping. All pedal units have velcro.


Lightfoot Labs black Goatkeeper version 3 - $280

Wampler Pinnacle - $140

Dr. Scientist the Elements #138 - $160

WMD Super Fatman - $130


Other stuff:


Dr. Z Airbrake attenuator: This is the higher-wattage gray Airbrake. Works fantastic, but I don't use it. $280

Korg Kaoss Pad KP3: serial number (21)00011596. $250

Terratec Axon AX50 Guitar-to-MIDI converter: mint condition, all software, cables, etc, included. I have this as a backup to a couple of other MIDI converters I have, but I can't justify keeping it around any longer. $400.


The only trades I would be interested in would be for a Micro POG or an EHX Microsynth. Cash monies would be preferred -- I'm broke!

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Looking to move a couple pedals for some incoming expenses. Will consider cash offers, but I'm not really looking for trades (except maybe a Red Witch Fuzz God II).


My custom Blakemore Deus Ex Machina. I had Blake add a 3 way toggle for me to allow for diode changes. Up position is stock. Middle removes the diodes completely, increase to volume and opening it up a bit. Bottom position adds Germanium diodes, which adds a little compression, a little gain, and makes it a little 'sweeter' sounding, though it gets REALLY quiet (you'll want to pump up the volume on this).


Hoping for $150, PP'd and shipped, obo. Literally new condition, with box and papers.





Also hoping to sell my Skreddy Zero with mids switch. Like new, again with box and papers.


$200 PP'd and shipped obo.



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Ok, so I moved to Connecticut. Getting back in the game.



New Pedals by Shoe:


Elephant: $135

Boot: $95

Silver Apple: $155

Black Box: $95


These are all new handmade pedals designed and built by me (I also designed the upcoming HCFX Octophant).


There are clips for most of these on youtube/soundcloud, but here's the rundown:


Elephant: Hybrid Germanium/Mosfet fuzz design. Can go from huge thick fuzz to a nice treble boost to tighter fuzz sounds, to wild internal feedback, to gated fuzz and pinched off sounds. An expanded version of the boosted mode on the octophant with different features and not an octave pedal, hence Elephant.


Boot: This is a straightforward gritty/dirty booster. It plays especially well with slightly dirty amps and does well at pushing them. The one knob is a gain knob. Uses a hybrid mosfet silicon design.


Silver Apple: A wild yet versatile fuzz/distortion somewhat in the vein of a fuzz factory or wolf comupter. However, this one boasts a number of features not found in those designs. Features hybrid germanium/silicon design for optimal warmth and stability. Straightforward and easy to dial in controls. Momentary internal feedback switch so you can grab a note while playing and let it glitch or sustain or feedback as long as you have your foot on the switch. In some most settings this will also trigger oscillations if you are not playing, so you can do all sorts of laser/syhnth/glitch effects (works great paired with a delay). The Silver Apple now also features 3 clipping modes. (No Clipping for maximum volume boost, LED/Silicon asymmetrical clipping via the front mounted LED that will light up as it distorts your signal, Germanium/Silicon asymmetrical clipping for a warm and gnarly distortion). Also features full bleedthrough protection so the pedal cannot bleed oscillations through its ground in the bypassed mode as is an issue on older Fuzz Factories, for example. You can safely leave this one set to oscillate wildly as soon as you turn it on. Notable users: John Dietrich of Deerhoof and Mike Borgia of the Problems.


Black Box: A very touch-sensitive one-knob mosfet fuzz. This is a very dynamic pedal and cleans up well is you play lightly, but also fuzzes nicely when you dig in harder. Good for most music style requiring some dirt and also works well as a dirty boost via the single volume knob. After the noon position you get a volume boost.


These are just the ones I happen to have in stock right now. If you'd like a different model or a custom version, there may be a bit of a wait depending on whether or not I have to order parts, but that is not a problem.



More pics.



As I'm organizing, I'm cleaning out some of my collection. Such as:

Big Box DMM with adaptor $275

Fulltone OCD $OLD

Hay Huge Angry Troll $OLD

Trex Tonebug OD $45

Mellowtone Trumpet fuzz Prototype (with footswitchable octave) $100

Melxowtone 2 $75

Akai Shredomatic $90

Fuzz Factory Clone by...someone...I forget who. Possibly Aaron? Green with purple knobs. $OLD

AMT Astral Tone. Made in Siberia. (Works Great for Direct Recording): $50

MidFi Clarinot Fuzz Version : $145


Pro Jr. $OLD

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Hey all, I've got a couple of pedals in real good condition up for sale here.


V2 Blackout Effectors Musket - SOLD


SHO clone - built by Aaron SS of HCFX, really high quality, no velcro. Candy apple green enclosure. Yes, it crackles. $50 shipped.


Feel free to get at me, bros.

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For sale or trade:


Carl martin combinator 2- mint w orig box, manual and connectors. $320 shipped in CONUS. Canada residents, PM for shipping costs.


Link to my local ad w more details and pics here

Looking for in trade: midi keyboard controller, electronic drum multi percussion pad unit, digitech whammy dt, digitech rp series multifx unit.

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Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro - $300

TC Electronics G Major - $200

Monster PRO2500 Power Conditioner - $120


Buy all 3 for $550 and get a 4 space rack with it. I will also include a MIDI cable to hook up the Ground Control and the G Major, as well as a TRS Y Cable for using the G Major relay out for switching amp channels.

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Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian fuzz - $150 shipped and PP'd

-Mint, comes with box and warranty


Paul C. TIM overdrive - $175 shipped and PP'd

-Nick in the paint by the on/off switch, otherwise mint. Comes with box.


Xotic EP Booster - $100 shipped and PP'd

-Mint, comes with box and instructions




20 George L's right angle plugs and cable - $95 shipped and PP'd

-Almost 8 feet of unused cable, and at least another couple of feet already made into patch cables.


2 One-Spot power supplies - $15 each shipped and PP'd

- Each unit comes with a 5 pedal daisy chain



Not looking for trades at the moment as I'm downsizing. Thanks!

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Selling 3 Eventide pedals - Pitchfactor, Space, and Timefactor. All pedals have power supply; Space and Timefactor are mint with box; Pitchfactor comes with aux pedal. Got an Eclipse so no longer need these pedals.


Only interested in trades towards Moog pedals (except the Freqbox) or a G Major.


Prices are for Paypal gift and shipped to US or Canada.

Pitchfactor - $375

Space - $400

Timefactor - $300




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