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NPD! Infanem :)


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Really looking forward playing it out loud in the band space. So far I could only find out that it's a massively loud, gate-y noise fuzz with some octave mumbo jumbo going on. Really curious if the octave-down will go into sub-bass territory on my setup :love:


Oh and that's my hobo amp. Guitar stand, bare 18" because {censored} cabs., 1 Watt little gem amp. everything stays in place thru magnetism alone :lol:



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Congrats, HNPD! :thu: Kenfanem makes some killer stuff, much of it I can attest to personally.



I have the v2 Second Voice with CV/exp upgrades. Got it just in time to hear about the upcoming "Deluxe" version that's adding a simple clean octave down circuit and then some. GODDAMMIT! :mad:


Slowly growing my Infanem collection:






This one plus ext. controller incoming next:



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