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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 6-4-12

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Catalinbread Formula No. 5 w/ box - $110



old NES, SNES, Sega and Playstation games. Notably, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy's on SNES, Super Metriod, Mario games, Donkey Kong games, Mortal Kombat games, X-men, Spider-man, Batman, and other comic book characters.


I do not want to trade the Form 5 for another pedal, so please do not ask.

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I need these delays gone. You buy. Me happy. You happy. shipped / PP CONUS (elsewhere add $ or GIFT)


Freakshow Effects Digilog - $150

ProCo WFRAT '85 reissue - $150

Dr. Scientist Sunny Day Delay (BLOODY one-off) - $240 firm





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All prices shipped ConUS(international at your expense, usps priority), usps money order or paypal.


As for trades, feel free to offer what you have. I'd be particularly interested in:

Lumpy's Tone Shop MKII (possibly other Tone Benders by him)

Dice Works Pedals (Not Muff Divers/Finale/Dice-O-Matic)

NKT-213 loaded buzzaround

2n5133 loaded Big Muff clone

Danelectro Backtalk Reverse Delay


EHX Micro POG. Pretty good shape, just a few light scratches. Works perfectly. $160 shipped.


KR Musical Products Mega Vibe. Sounds great, has a few light scratches. Power supply included. $465 shipped.


EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Great unit, low noise and works perfectly. A slight amount of white noise at the highest delay setting (A bit longer delay time than some units I've had). Missing 1 rubber foot on the bottom. $375 shipped.


V1 EHX Small Stone. Ronsound repaired it recently. Someone engraved a number on the top. $165 shipped.


V2 EHX Small Stone. Rounsound repaired it recently. $150 shipped.


Analogman Peppermint fuzz. Has a few light scratches on the bottom plate. Included are the box, bag, card, sticker and feet. $155 shipped.


MXR 6-band EQ. Excellent condition. $45 shipped.


CMATMODS Analog Chorus. The printed font is smudged slightly, purely cosmetic. Sounds really great. $110 shipped.


Proco Rat II. Made in America. Has the OP chip, not the LM308. Excellent shape in the box. Box is weathered. $110 shipped.


Filmore Pedals SuperSustain. I believe this is based on the Orange squeezer circuit. Runs on 18v. Sounds good but compressors aren't my thing it turns out. $55 shipped.


Boss BF-2. MIJ. Has the Wampler/Indyguitarist mods. $55 shipped.


EHX Small Clone. Case has a slight dent in the bottom. It in no way hinders performance and it works perfectly. $45 shipped.


Danelectro Slap echo. Knob missing but you can still turn it. Free with purchase of any two things.




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Sadly, I gotta clear out some gear (yet again) to pay my mother's bills . All prices are shipped...with the exception of the monitors. Local pickup only on those due to the weight (I'm in the Philly NW Suburbs).



KRK Rokit 5 (Brand New in Box) / $300 + tax if you buy them at a store! - $275 for both


Blue Spark Mic (Brand New in Box) / $200 + tax if bought at a store! - $185


Eventide TimeFactor Delay (Like New w/ Box)- $335


Line6 Verbzilla (Exc. Condition) - $120


Samson USB Condenser Mic (Exc. Condition) - $40


x2 Whirlwind Direct Box (Exc. Condition) - $15/each



No games please...I'm not interested in trades for your crappy distortion pedal or anything else...my mother's taxes need paid, so I need cold hard cash! I can take PayPal for the shipped items or cash on delivery for the monitors. PM me if interested.

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Need to sell some stuff quick! Will have pics soon or contact me and I'll get you some


Offers welcome!


Catalinbread V2 Dirty Little Secret (pink) - $100


Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy - $70


Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer (big box) - $old


Electro-Harmonix vintage 70's 10 Band Graphic Equalizer - $70


Electro-Harmonix Small Stone -$60

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Looking to move a couple pedals for some incoming expenses. Will consider cash offers, but I'm not really looking for trades (except maybe a Red Witch Fuzz God II).


My custom Blakemore Deus Ex Machina. Op-Amp style muff with clean blend and mids control. I had Blake add a 3 way toggle for me to allow for diode changes. Up position is stock. Middle removes the diodes completely, increase to volume and opening it up a bit. Bottom position adds Germanium diodes, which adds a little compression, a little gain, and makes it a little 'sweeter' sounding, though it gets REALLY quiet (you'll want to pump up the volume on this).


Hoping for $150, PP'd and shipped. Literally new condition, with box and papers.





Also hoping to sell my Skreddy Zero with mids switch. Like new, again with box and papers.


$200 PP'd and shipped.



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Crybaby Classic Wah- $70 shipped

-Like new Dunlop wah pedal, with Fasel, and true bypass



Gibson PAF humbucker- $60 shipped

-Bridge humbucker from early 90's Gibson ES-335



VoxCelestion 10" speaker - $35 shipped

-Mint condition VoxCelestion 10" speaker, 30 watts, 16 Ohms



I take Pay Pal, will ship international and NYC meetups are an option too.

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all prices shipped priority/paypal'ed in us. will ship int'l but you cover shipping & extra fees on shipping. ebay feedback 82jar. no trades please.


blackout effectors mantra black on black w/ box $SOLD

foxrox octron 2 $SOLD

analogman sunlion v1 ti/uk trannies w/ bag $SOLD

ehx pog 2 w/ box, adapter $235

ehx freeze w/ box $SOLD

secret seasons snowdrift w/ box $200

sonicvi lovetone big cheese clone $SOLD

copilot android ring mod w/ box $90

boss ps-3 pitch shifter/delay - missing 1 knob, non functional LED - $SOLD

boss rv-5 reverb w/ box $90

boss dsd-2 delay/sampler $95

red witch moon phaser w/ box $SOLD

bixonic expandora w/ box $175

roland DC-50 digital chorus/echo ce-1 circuit $325


fender telecaster elite black w/ hsc $1000













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Frantone Hepcat $185

Big box version, where it all began. 9mm Center positive One Spot adapter included!



Analogman Beano Boost $160$155

CV7003, on/off pot, untouched, comes with box and all candy.



Zvex Silver Sparkle SHO $225$215

From early 2001, Vero build! NO PCB! small notch in back to accommodate 9V power if you wish. Tastefully done. No Velcro, box, rag or hair tie.




There may be more on the way, we shall see!

Trade thoughts include a Mastery Bridge for my Jazzmaster.


All pricing includes shipping via USPS to the CONUS, and reflects pricing via PayPal. Gift is very much appreciated but not necessary

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I gotta bag of 50 AC188 germanium PNP transistors.


"... is a scaled down version of the modern AC128, made for lower voltage applications. And what are our 9v fuzz box ? In fact , this little sister does miracles with electric guitars."


I can test and match them if you'd like.

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I have tons of unused gear, and other things, lying around, so why not try and get ride of it.



ZBT 14 Hi Hat $50

ZBT 18 Crash $50

ZBT 20 Ride $50


B8 14 Mini Chinese $50


HQ 5 Piece Drum Silencers/Practice Heads $50


Sony PSP - Missing the power supply ????


MXR Phase 90 $45

Biyang AD-7 $40

Joyo UD $40


Looking for -




Also looking for Telecaster parts


Feel free to make offers, I like pedals!




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