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I bought some microphones


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oh hey,


I bought these microphones: Sennheiser e609 silver, and an audio-technica Pro 37. I've been toying around with them. I don't know if I'm doing this right (picture below). I hear a little clipping on the Pro 37, so I'm guessing its a little too close, maybe back it out a bit more. The e609 sounds good where it is. Pretty nice sound when I mix them together. anyway... tips, info articles and such would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a little presonus audiobox, I have two now. I thought, maybe I could run both at once and have four inputs, nope I was wrong, oh well.




Oh here's some clips, I just made. Fair warning, there is a lot of hum, because I have all my {censored} on close together. I fixed that up right after recording this. So the HUM problem you hear in this clip is gone. Also, its like 100 degrees, and I'm hungry, and my playing sucks butt, big time... :lol:



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It was all the way down. Backing it up a bit and pointing it a little differenly seemed to help.

Made this little demo, with just the amp:


The AT Pro 37 has a max SPL rating of 141 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. That's ear-splittingly loud. It's not the mic that's overloading - it's the preamp. Either turn it down more, or engage the pad switch on the preamp.


Oops - your interface lacks a pad. :( So, here's what you do. Go here, and order one of these:




It's an inline pad. It will attenuate the signal post-mic and prevent it from overloading / clipping the preamp.

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