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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 7-8-12

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For Sale


Shoe Pedals:

Brand New Release:


This overdrive/distortion design is so new that I haven't even managed to name it yet. Anyway, this is an extremely touch-sensitive pedal that uses a combination of discrete Jfet and mosfet transistors combined with adjustable soft clipping (controlled via the gain knob). It sounds, to me, very much like a JCM800 preamp at higher gain settings. With the gain back, however, it goes into earlier marshall territory reminiscent of a lot of classic rock. (It reminds me very much of Mick Ronson's early David Bowie sounds and I am considering calling it the Savior Machine). Bowie to Smashing Pumpkins to Deerhoof to...well you get the idea. Also makes a nice strong touch-sensitive dirty boost on lower gain settings.


Medium gain with a very versatile tone knob and very amp-like breakup. Oh and it's not another tube screamer or ocd. There are no Integrated Circuits in this pedal. In fact it's not based on anything except general electronics principals and lots of tweaking.


$135 new. Handwired in the USA using Point to Point construction for long-term sustainability.



Other Pedals:



$75 Make Sounds Loudly Spring Steen'd Reverb Tank Driver. It's a solid state spring reverb driver pedal. Just attach a spring tank to it and adjust dwell and mix via the two knobs. I will also include a short-length spring tank for $5.


$90 Boss Feedback Booster. Not actually sure I want to sell this but I haven't used it in a while. Anyway it's a cool feedback-producing pedal (it seems to do this by boosting certain eq frequencies on the fly) and also a very nice clean booster. Sounds awesome with delay.


$60 Mellowtone Melx 2 One Knob Fuzz. It has a volume control and is a nice fuzz. Dead simple.




$75 Akai Shredomatic. Tube-driven distortion pedal with gain or volume that's adjustable via the attached treadle. It's got a lot of midrange in almost a cocked wah sort of way. Great for leads, I've found and some Mick Ronson-esque type stuff.


$125 EHX Stereo Polyphase. Neat stereo phaser that can be swept manually via expression pedal, controlled by pick attack or can also use two onboard lfo shapes. Nice for more subtle phasing and some wilder stuff too.


$50 T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive. I'm not sure what this is based on but I would guess maybe a Timmy or modified Tubescreamer. It's a nice OD and the box is sturdy metal. I just have too many OD pedals.


$75 Shoe Black Box. I've had this particular pedal around for so long and been using it enough that I have to consider it used at this point. It's a simplified one-knob version of the kung fuzz's non-boosted mode on max gain.

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Skreddy Mayo clone $99

superb build by TGP'er zzzzzzz: mids switch, thick rawk lives within.





Trades (+/- $)

Fender CIJ/MIJ Jaguar

Mastery Bridge for my Jazzmaster

Strymon Flint

Malekko E. Filter




Pricing includes shipping via USPS in the CONUS. Paypal gift appreciated but not necessary

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Toadworks Redux Asynchronous Delay - $155

FX Engineering RAF MoaB Boost - $120

ISP Decimator - $80

M-Audio MIDIsport UNO - $25

Celestion G12T75 16ohm - $70

Celestion Modern Lead 70 - $60


All items shipped CONUS. Would take a trade for a Monsterpiece STUD or a Digitech Whammy. Also maybe some Catalinbread or Zvex stuff. Let me know what you have!!

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Oooooohhhh Kaaayyyyyyy


I can use and do use all of these pieces, but I don't use them enough to get rid of the gas I have for two objects. Some of these pedals I acquired recently, and probably should keep, but money and trades are on my mind. Contact me with your offer.



EHX Flanger Hoax

Eventide Space

IE Frantabit

another Alesis BitRman

Alesis ModFX in general...


All prices Paypal'd and shipped CONUS. Power supply $10 (at your request) extra unless otherwise noted.


EHX Cathedral with infinite hold mod switch (does not interfere with footswitch functionality, just a way to avoid holding down the footswitch while you play over the top.) Box, power supply, manual included. $170





2 SYB-5 Boss Bass Synthesizers Use in stereo with slightly different settings for synth madness, use them in line and process the signal to excess. 1 for $70, 2 for $120





Sabine FBX SL-620 Solo Feedback Exterminator

1/4" ins and outs, manual, power supply, box: $45




Also have an MXR Dynacomp ($30) Minty with box,

an Alesis stereo micro gate with power supply ($35)

a DOD FX30B Gate/Loop ($30)


Took the Fatman Compressor and Geiger Counter off the list because I love them and it's stupid to sell them. But if you wish to persuade me differently I'll listen...:)


Contact me with any questions. Will consider +/- cash with trade and reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!

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PayPal only, lower 48 shipping only, NOT interested in trades. All (applicable) have their factory-included power supply, majority have manuals and some have original box. Happy to send pictures upon request. Thanks for looking!



MXR Bass Auto Q

Tech 21 US Steel

Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory

MXR DoubleShot Distortion

Digitech XP-200 Modulator

Tech 21 Boost RVB (original black)

Barge Concepts VFB-2

Mooer SuperBender

Crybaby Q Zone

Maxon AF-9

Maxon CP-9Pro+

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Everything on this board, except the tuner and Godlyke PowerAll is for sale.




Why? Because I want to get this fixed.




That effects board doesn't help my family and is purely a luxury. The motorcycle gets me 45 MPG and saves me money on my one-hour commute, allowing me to buy more food for my kids.


From left to right:

Biyang AD-7 Delay: $40

Dr. Scientist Tremolessence V1: $150

Behringer BUF300 Ultra Bass Flanger: $15

Behringer BEQ700 Bass EQ: $10

de Lisle Fuzz: $80

Guyatone ST2 Compressor/Sustainer: $85


All prices are paypal'd and shipped. Freel free to make a reasonable counter offer. I am willing to lower prices if you buy more than one -- since these prices assumed shipping of just itself.


Obviously not a lot of dollar value on the board, but enough to get my ride back in order.


Help me feed my kids, buy my pedals. :D

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Divided by 13 Dyna Ranger - $125

Killer rangemaster type treble boost with 5-way switch. As new, no box.


Catalinbread WIIO v1 - $125

#77 of 100. As new in box/original owner.


Catalinbread Silver Kiss EQ/Boost/Drive - $140

#55, v1 modded by Cbread to v2 spec for smoother/more balanced treble. As new in box/original owner.


Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser - $300

#130. As new in box/original owner.


Skreddy Paradigm Shift - $210

#5. As new in box/original owner.



All prices include paypal and shipping via USPS Priority Mail within one business day of payment.


Not really looking for any trades since the point here is to end up with less stuff, but since it's a long shot anyway I'll volunteer that I'm curious about: Zvex instant lofi, Bearfoot Model H, PTD Mini Bone, could maybe use a good delay.






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I have a few pedals that need to go and a few I need.

Heres what I got:

Chicago Iron Para-baby housed by them.Very unique tones,only this circuit can do this.$165 ***NOW $150***


MXR (pre-Dunlop) Phase 100 Same circuit as the script model.Sweet pedal.$150 ***NOW $125***


MXR Micro Flanger RI Box,papers,ect velcro on back.$70***NOW $60***


Boss OC2 we all know this one.Killer octave growl $60 ***NOW $50***


Jimi Hendrix System Germ Fuzzface in a phase 90 size box.This was a surprise.A real sleeper pedal IMO.$100 ***NOW $75***


Foxx Tone Machine clone builder unknown.Great build.Sounds just like my French Toast but better build.seperate footswitches for fuzz/octave.Hamond style box.$90***NOW $75***



What I need:


Vox 112 extention cab for the AC4 or just the speaker is fine too.

Hartman Flanger

EH Electric Mistress (not Deluxe)

TV Jones powertron neck

try me never can tell


Get it built w/ cool graphics for less than the discontinued kit. $95



Dan Armstrong orange squeezer pedal.Great comp with cool retro box $75

Heres a pic with the CI wah


Pre Dunlop script guts



Other pics soon

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Looking for trades only but i'd accept paypal for the Fulltone and any digitechs.

Trade values listed.

Wantlist is at the bottom.


Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb. 165 value

Digitech PDS1002 - 2 second infinite hold mode. 100 value

MXR Variphase CSP-001 (Rare pedal not made anymore, and this one is minty) 125 value

Wampler Faux Tape Echo. 165 value

MJM Britbender. Amazing MK2 Tonebender type fuzz. in box. 130 value

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah from early 2003 in box. 225 value

Line 6 Echo Park in box with manual. 100 value

Keeley Compressor in box. Studio standard 2 knob. in box. 155 value.





Also a couple of discontinued Digitech swiss army knives..


RP250. Sick drumbeats and stereo effects. Adapter included (same one used for the whammy4).

$70 value




This one has drums too. Not stereo, but it doesn't totally suck.

$35 value





Boss PS6

Danelectro Spring King

Clark Gainster

Skreddy Echo

Mellowtone Wolf Computer standard issue

Wilson Ten Spot 2 wah (would consider other Wilsons)

Univox Micro Fazer

Wampler Paisley

Wampler Ego Compressor

Diamond Compressor


BYOC OD2 or Envelope Filter (v2) kits

Thinline or solid Tele body

Deering Goodtime open-back banjo

Peavey Grind Bass (4 or 5 string)

Istanbul cymbals... Maybe old Sabians too.


I'm picky, but try me if you think you have something that I might like.

Thanks for looking.

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