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ot..ok help me out..add ur ideas for this


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..article for a small magazine ive been asked to do something for..a little korean thing..but in english..anyway..what are your ideas on how to live a good life...instead of just copying and pasting teh interwebs..i thought id get some interesting answers..so so far..i have these


Be grateful first



Save money

Get a car

Get a house

Get married

Hang with friends

Go to bars

Read books


Learn a foreign language

Play an instrument


Have your 15 minutes / fame

Get in shape

Run a marathon

Collect something

Create art

Advncd education

Be fashionable

Break the law

Have cool hair

Get a tattoo

Take pictures

Write something

Support a charity

Give smthng away

Be a good son or daughtet

Have a legacy

Fall in ?


Dream big & dream small


thanks jall..make em clever ....

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