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NPD: and the science of Tremolo wave shapes 'n sh1t..


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just got the Surf Trem this week. i always knew i was going to get it again once i could find a good price on the new enclosure version.. and it sounds as good as i remember.


unfortunately, i don't really dig the Strymon Flint tremolo's.. the Carl Martin just has a nicer wave shape going on to my ears.


so, before the shape shifter gets ebay'd i was wondering if i could do a little experiment in getting it to sound like the other trems i have.. so how difficult do you reckon that would be to dial in the exact wave shape and character of the Flint/SurfTrem ?




can't mimmick mojo.. but could be interesting to do a video showing what kind of setting gets the Flint 'tube' mode or whatever. the Shape Shifter is massively underated/ignored so would be nice to show it off alongside the Strymon at least..


can anyone drop some knoweldge on the Strymon modes? based on amp trems obviously, but what wave shape are they known for.. ramping up/down character, triangle vs sine etc?

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