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An abomination unto the Lord! Cats and Dogs, lying together! Human Cloning! Top Loaders!




I had one of those early 80s Telecasters. I found it in a local store in '94 for $300. I was engaged at the time, and I called my (now) wife and told her what I found, and she told me to get it. I only had $100 on me at the time, so I put it down on it and was planning on getting it in a couple weeks. My wife went back and paid it off and gave it to me a few days later as a birthday present.


Moral of the story? Beware women who buy you guitars - you might wind up married to them. ;)


Anyway, stock, I didn't care for the bridge... it had some rattling issues and I hate when stuff mechanically rattles and sympathetically vibrates and buzzes, so I took the guitar down to Steve Soest and had him put an American Standard bridge on it - complete with strings through the body, the way God and Leo Fender originally intended. :cop::D


Someone had reshaped the neck from the stock medium C profile to a slender soft V, and it was one of the most fantastic playing and sounding Teles I've ever owned.


A lot of those early 80s era Telecasters are honestly just "okay" in some ways, and not terribly consistent, but OTOH, they're some of the last guitars to come out of the Fullerton USA factory, and I suspect that a "immaculate condition" example will only appreciate in value in the coming years. Play it and listen to it and see what you think. It might be in pristine condition because it's a dog sonically or playability-wise, so no one wanted to play it enough to ding it up. Then again, maybe it's a fine guitar, and it was a Case Queen for other reasons. :idk: If that's the case, you know what you must do. Hit it. :)


Oh, and as far as top loaders go, while I generally prefer strings through the body on a Tele, my Duo Sonic is a top loader, and I absolutely love the way it sounds and plays. Leo himself went to top loaders for a while in the 50s, so both are valid vintage pre-CBS Fender designs.

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