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cutting pickguards - step by step DIY instructions with pics inside - jazz tele stang


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so you first start with a shape and drawrwings all over it where stuff should go. pickup holes, screw holes, bridge holes, pot holes, switch holes.... if it is not an edge, its a hole when it comes to pickguards




PROTIP: use this kind of paper that is thicker so you can't see the lines in photos




put the mock up hardware and pickups in there so you know what is up


then you double sided tape the perimeter and around the pickup holes so it is not going anywhere. make sure you tape it to the side with the peel off protective cover.




read the last rites to the pickguard, because at this point you will likely mess up and ruin a piece of overpriced plastic.




then you just swivvle it around the high speed metal thing that is made to cut through things much more durable that human skin in a rough outline. dont get too close. you probably did. we will try to fix that later in post.




plan it out to leave as much scrap as possible for a backplate or small something that will never need to happen. they make great things that get in the way of other guitar supplies as the years go by.




sand the edges down at a slight bevel with the other attachement of the fast spinning thing... the one that looks like a craggly dorito wrapped around a hugh eraser tip. sell idea to taco bell so Arizona honks have lunch plans.



PROTIP: make sure you get the battery powered tool, so that right before you feel it is good enough to be done, it will die on you and you have to make a forum post while it recharges.





I hope that helps.

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why are you staying in sunnyslope? looking for crystal meth?



wherever the package deal sends us in our parameters is where we go... but depending on how the schedule looks, we might be staying on the west side for easier ballpark travel... like goodyear or cambleback or suprise... too early to get into that...

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that is close to me though, about 5 miles north of me. south of there about a 1/2 mile is one of the nicer areas in phoenix, the central corridor they call it.


I know, that's why chat crew was disappoint in you... I was on northern and 16th for 4 days :rolleyes:



never forget :flag:

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