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Belated NGD and rearranged pedalboard!


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I finished my Masters degree this summer and when I got my new job, decided I needed a congratulatory gift for myself. So I bought this:




2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro in Honeyburst. 50's neck, 57 Classic in the neck, Burstbucker 3 in the bridge. Push-pull pots for coil splitting goodness.


Granted, I actually bought it about 6 weeks ago, but we've been moving and unpacking since then. Yesterday I finally got to spend some serious time with the guitar and also rearranged my pedalboard. Sounds great! Here's the pedal pics:




Pedal chain: Guitar > Pitch Black > Mini Foot Fuzz > V-Wah > EHX QTron > Fuzz Face Clone > Dano TOD > Blues Pro OD > Jekyll & Hyde V2 > MXR EQ > Small Clone > M9 > Blonde


My thoughts: Thanks to the MXR and the reversed ground on the Fuzz Face, I now have four plugs running this board instead of the previous 2. Not sure how I feel about that. I dumped my Boss NS-2 because I've replaced a lot of pedals and thus have greatly reduced hum anyway. Dumped my Soul Preacher because it was having intermittent problems and I don't use it much anymore anyway. The comp models on the M9 are pretty good when I need that tone. I did add the EQ just as a quick tonal change when I need it. Great for a lead boost or complete tone shift (although the photo doesn't show it, I have it set now for a thick jazz tone). I also added the Blonde because I'm doing a lot of playing direct these days. Right now I have it cranked to serve as a high gain distortion, but playing without an amp I'd bring it back down to a mainly clean Fender tone. Plus, it's really nice to have the output to the amp in a much more accessible place than on the M9, which used to be last on the pedalboard.


Anyway, digging on my new setup, and chomping at the bit to get out and try it live.

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