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What to Avoid in Coffee Storage







Coffee Storage Locations


Cool, dark, dry places (such as pantries and cabinets) are best for coffee storage.

Fridges and freezers should be avoided because they are moist. (More on why you shouldn't store coffee in the freezer.)

Warm spots, like above/next to the oven or in cabinets that get hot from exposure to sunlight or cooking equipment.

Countertops that are away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat can be appropriate if you use opaque, airtight storage vessels.


Coffee Container Types


Once coffee

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Yes and no travy,


If you do put the beans in the freezer.. "if u must" then make sure you take them out and let them become room temperature before you blend and use them.



Coffee beans don't need the freezer.. But then again it's never good to have more than a months supply at any given time.. It may cost more.. But it's better to buy them in lots of about a month "depending on how much you use" so fore it's usually 500grams to a kilo each time, no need to freeze just an air tight container..

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