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T-rex Chameleon, question about output no. 5 (do you have one?)


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My Bandmate just got a T-rex Chameleon and we wired up his board today

but output no.5 didn't seem to work/do anything

there's no manual on the site, but it's not rocket science


Outputs no.1-4 worked ok, no problem (various EHX pedals, Dr.S, Boss tuner and such).

We wanted to power a standard 9v center negative with no.5


we've got nothing plugged in no.6 (which is the AC output, and it says not to use both 5&6 anyways)

The pedal works fine plugged into no.4, we're just getting nothing from no.5

(the pin up is for 9v, down for 12v... i tried it on my my Dr.S Elements that takes 9-18v, and nada on either setting)

are we doing something wrong?


what are the blue and red cables for?

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