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What would you like to see from a demo of 4 Offsets with different pickups?


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i've just re-strung all my Squier offsets and i'm considering doing some kind of comparison video tomorrow.


i have a stock Squier VM Jazzmaster, Squier Mascis Jazzmaster, and 2 Jagmaster's - one with Duncan SJM's, the other with re-issue WRHP's.. all strung with 10-48, Eflat.


i'm not the best at video editing (imovie is a {censored}) so was wondering what i can do besides neck-strummy, middle-strummy, bridge-strummy on each guitar etc..


How about looping or multi-tracking the different guitars?


i'm guessing most people would want to hear how the pickups react to dynamics, and how much they vary in output? :idk:

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