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NPD: Fishman Fission Bass=Cheap POG style octaver alternative?

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It's been a long time for me having a NPD thread. I got a little free time, and hit some pawn shops today in OKC while out that way on work and came home with a couple of new friends.


I found an Ibanez Lofi pedal at one place and picked it up. I used to have one a long time ago but that was before I played much guitar. I've wanted to play with one again, and this fell into my lap for not too shabby of a price.


I also saw an old Treadle controlled Dunlop Rotovibe at another place. They were having problems with their credit card machine, so I didn't buy that. It was pretty beat anyways...


This one might be of interest to you organ grinders out there... I picked up a Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord FX pedal. I have an Akai Unibass pedal that is similar to this that I used to use on bass back when, but this one was stupid cheap, so I couldn't pass it up. These pedals are designed to use on bass, and are supposed to let a bassist fill out the hole left by a guitarist when they go into a lead part. (Assuming you're a three piece I guess...)

Anyway, I've never tried the Unibass on guitar, but I got this one home and plugged it in. Surprise! It's basically an organ simulation pedal for a guitar. I'm thinking cheap POG? The cool thing is that it has three foot switches. 1 octave up, 4th down, and fifth above. If you then hit the 4th down and 5th up switch again, it goes to a second octave up. !!! Plus it has a crappy built in overdrive that's somewhat usable too. Also, mixable clean signal as well... It tracks pretty well all the way up to the meedly meedlies, and up there it just gets all sorts of ring moddish. I haven't heard anyone talk about these on here, and figured I'd give you guise a heads up. I got this one stupid cheap. Definitely worth the price of admission. I've wanted a POG for a while, but haven't wanted to plunk down the coin for one. This fits the bill and was a waaay cheaper solution. They are pretty expensive new, but I'm not sure anyone has thought to plug a guitar into one. Heads up!

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