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HELP! Vox Tonelab SE,Lexicon Alpha,Rokit monitors as PC speakers. How do I connect?


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Hi,right now Im using a Lexicon Alpha connected to my pc via usb (as soundcard) w/KRK Rokit 5's as my PC speakers. I just bought a Vox Tonelab SE pedalboard and want to use the monitors with it. Whats the most efficient way to get the pedalboard connected without having to plug/unplug stuff all the time. The Rokits are currently connected to the Lexicon via 'Balanced' inputs,do I get another pair of those and run them from the 'L/R Output' on the pedal to the 'Line In 1/2' on the back of the Lexicon? Just thought I'd ask before going out and buying new connectors.

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