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iStomp Vibrato - demonstration - new epedal from digitech


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extra crappy video coming up extra soon.

Magic Fingers Vibrato

Vibrato is an effect that takes your guitar signal and modulates the pitch slightly giving it an animated vocal quality. DigiTech Magic Fingers brings a new set of features to this classic by providing not only standard vibrato but some amazing vibrato/panning and chorusing effects as well. Adjust the SPREAD control to change the modulation from being synchronized in both outputs to moving from left to right creating dramatic stereo imaging. The MIX control allows adding back in dry signal to produce some of the most relaxing chorusing found in a stompbox.

SPEED - Adjusts the rate of the modulation
DEPTH - Adjusts the intensity of the vibrato effect
SPREAD - Controls the stereo spread of the vibrato effect
MIX - Controls the mix of the dry and effect signal creating classic vibrato or chorusing.

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